week 19

G’eve Y’all, 

Damn, this week was awesome! Where to start? Maybe just with the beginning to keep it simple J 

Monday and Tuesday were pretty normal days but Wednesday, Thursday and today (Friday) were not that ‘normal’ at all :-p Wednesday we had the first two hours Principles of Flight (till 1100) and then we were free till 1430 because we had the ‘Brussels Airport behind the screens’ on our program. But yeah what to do with all that free time in between? We just plugged one of our laptops in and then we had a first class cinema J And in the meanwhile we still can learn a bit and we can’t get annoyed by people who eat there chips or popcorn to loud or with that “way-to-big-guy-in-front-of-you-so-you-can’t-see-a-damn-thing!”


After the movie it was time to go to the airport but like y'all know, free parking at the airport doesn’t exist. We decide to drop our cars at the delhaize and go by bus because we can go free with our Airport badges.




In the tour we went to the baggage-sorting-thingie and the crisis-centre but unfortunately I had to give my camera to the securing agent because no pictures were allowed to take. Still, I could take some pictures in the public area's.


The following two pictures are my favorite! 8 of my 'little boys'. Ain't they cute? They grow up so quickely :'-(  Luckely there was no single person in the hall to see them like that :-p




Next day, Thursday, we had our second FNPT II briefing given by P. Solheid. I find him one of the best instructors till now. He explains everything very well and completely different then other instructors. After the briefing we had some patati and patata and thereafter we went to Belgocontrol to visit the tower.


I think everybody his reaction was the same as mine if you entred the tower. The only word that you get over your lips the first seconds is 'WAAUW'. Damn, what a view! I wish I had an appartement with a view like that. Those guys are living a dream. Oki, as a pilot your 'view' is also very nice, but still...We could see everything! It was just amazing.




The next part of Thursday was also pretty cool. Because we didn't had class on Friday morning and we decided to go out with the whole prom. Everybody was +- between 2100 and 1030 at the kot of the Maltese.



We went all out in Leuven and had a great time. But for a couple of us at 0400 it was enough and the half of the group went home, I was among them. When the others came home they had a flower with them, for me. Even though the flower had only 2 yellow leaves left, I was happy with it ;-) Thx guys!


For the next pictures there will be three guys who will love to kill me...but yeah can't help it...

There wasn't that much room available, they were (half) drunk and I refused to share my little bank with them and unless somebody was willing to sleep on the floor...


Aren't they sweet when they are asleep?  


Cya all next week and keep on flying!

 btw: Sam I hope ur happy with the extra pcitures ;-)


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Week 18

Hi all,

Week 18…the week after the famous briefings. I don’t know of it is due to that briefing or not but this week there were more people late then in the previous weeks, or maybe there’s just something in the drinking H2O at Sabena. Anyway, in general week 18 was a pretty nice and good week and the week started with something fun. We had our FMS workshop.  For the pedestrians who’re reading my blog : Ever wondered what happened to Flight Engineers and Navigators in the civilian aircrafts? Well, due to the FMS they are kicked out of the airplanes. FMS stands for ‘Flight Management System’ and it is a computerized component in the airplane that assists pilots in navigation, flight planning and aircraft control functions and performance.  To continue my little story:  In groups of 2 or 3 we were introduced to this lovely computer who will make our lives much easier. We stared with 2 very old documentary movies about the FMS and after that we had to prepare our flight to Ostend. In the FMS-trainer room of SFA our instructor explained the basic and most important things about the FMS and we made the little flight to Ostend. 5 minutes before our landing the computer crashed so we had to stay 2 hours more, to check the last 5 minutes together with group 3. Staying 2 hours longer for those last 5 minutes was a waste of time, but I enjoyed the workshop very much. J  After the workshop we had the final exam of radio navigation in group. (I love teamwork :-p )( I tried to make some pictures of our FMS-trainer at Sabena but my camera wasn’t in a very good mood and just to annoy me he decided not to work to hard that day)   


This week we had our last lessons of Airlaw and psycho.  We are finished with: physiology, electricity, radio navigation, mass and balance, airlaw, psychology and basic radio. Next week we’ll have a tour:  ‘Brussels Airport behind the screens’ and we are going to visit Belgocontrol as well. I can’t wait and I hope my camera will be a bit less moody then this week or I’ll have to kick him out and replace him.  

Big kiss and keep on flying, 



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In week 16 we got a visit from this Big Bird who blocked our view from the airport and from Little baby chickens like the Avro. It was a pleasant surprise...

Don't you just love the view from the lounge at the second floor?   



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week 16-17


I skipped again a week on my blog. I kicked week 16 out because it was such a wasted week. Normally we have -+ 35 hours in a week, and week 16 only counted 15 hours. There didn’t happened things that are worth mentioning and it was actually just a boring week. Week 17 was the whole opposite of week 16! Busy, busy and busy! And a lot happened. Monday we were scheduled for a physio test, what would have been very normal but there was a little catch :-p We finished physio months ago…Due to that mistake we had 1hour off at 11h. We wanted to go and play billiard somewhere but there is no single café or whatever in the neighborhood with a pooltable. Then we decided to go and eat somewhere but at 11h there isn’t much open, so eventually we wasted the whole hour driving in circles and the half of the group ‘landed’ at the Airport to eat something and the others in Belgocontrol.

Wednesday we had two briefings: the first ‘observation flights’ and the second ‘internal regulations’.
The Obs. Briefing came a bit late. Normally a prom gets that briefing in the second or third week and we are already busy with the training from November. Not that we cared so much about it because me and 3 others of my prom already did an obs flight without the briefing. (see blog a month ago)  For the guys who don’t know what an observation flight is: At the very little library of the school there’s a very big writing case with all the dates, destinations and flights from Jetair, Thomas Cook and Luxair. (SN and VLM under construction) You just pick a flight you would like to do (or toss a coin), and fill it in on a paper that you then handover to the administration who will call/mail the company. They will then ask the captain of he/she wants to be so kind to lend the jump seat to the ‘rookie’ who wants to do the obs flight. Meaning that you will be a member of the crew and you will do everything what the pilots do…well not everything, u’r not allowed to fly, to bad ;-p. But for the rest, you have to be at the crew room 2 hours in advance just like the pilots and other crew. You will get also a copy of the flight plan and together with the Capt. or FO you check the weather, fuel, notam’s, taf’s, etc…With the crew you go to the A/C and luckily your job isn’t only ‘watch and observe’. If you are lucky you can do the communications and some other little stuff as well. It’s strange that we’re the only school that has a procedure to do such flights because they are fun to do and you not only learn a lot on those flights you also can see/feel how it is to be a ‘real’ pilot and how an average day of a pilot looks like.  In the noon we had then the ‘internal regulations briefing’ what is actually a very advanced, upgraded word for ‘school rules’. The briefing was very childish. The two mean points:                                                                                                                                                                     
  1. Be in time!
    Yeah Duh!!!!!! A student (nobody knows who) went to the CGI to tell-tail that there are sometimes people late in the class and that’s not a good pilot attitude and patati and patata…I fully agree but the attitude of being a tell-tail as a pilot for such childish things I find much more disturbing then somebody who’s late because of traffic jam or a bloody train that has been delayed. For the guy who did 
    à grow up!
  2. Don’t stand for the coffee machines at the second floor.
    Some pilots (pilots who rent a sim) have complained that the students are sometimes standing for the coffee machine and that it takes a while before all the 16 guys of a prom have there coffee, so that the pilots who rent a sim (they only have a break of 10 min) don’t have there coffee in time. Blinkblink Euhmmm, hello! You all have a mouth to talk, use it or if you are to shy to ask a bunch of trainingstudents to get out the way because you will otherwise get a hartattack, a nervouse-breakdown or maybe eventually die due to the lack of caffeine, go the the first floor to get a coffee. (I always thought that the psycho kicked shy people out in the selection fases, but apparently I'm wrong)
Today we had a part of the FNPT II briefing. The sim of the Diamond 42 in which we’ll start to fly in hopefully a month. The Diamond DA42 Twin Star is a four seat, twin engine, propeller-driven airplane manufactured by Diamond Aircraft Industries. DA42g 

DiamondDA-42TwinStarN131TSInstrumentPanel  Also

Diamond DA 42 Twin Star instrument panel showing the garmin G1000 glass cockpit installation  

Prom 9 started today. We didn’t saw them yet but it will be very crowdie at the third floor with 4 proms (+- 64 people), next Monday.   Cya’ll next time… Fly!


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Week 14-15

G’eve everybody,

I know, I know, I didn’t wrote anything about week 14, and y’all are dying to get some news of me…I can understand that, but time, time, time…Oki, that’s maybe not completely true… ‘Only a part of the truth’ JDC would say.
Week 15 was pretty relaxed so I would have been able to write something about week 14, but I didn’t. Why? Because nothing very extreme, worth noting, I-have-to-tell-my-blog-readers-that, happened. It was just a normal week. A normal week that only has two little thingies, and that was our first lesson of communication and the fact that we’ll have Stijn for the rest of Airlaw. (The prom is pretty pleased with that fact.) 
For the rest like I said, we’d a normal week, with normal days, which’re always starting at abnormal hours, +- 5 o’clock and if I’m home at 04.50, that hour is for normal, reasonable teenag…, I mean “twenty-agers” the middle of the night! If  that ****** alarm goes off at that hour I ask myself the same questions as I did when I was in high school:

a. Which day is it?
b. What are the consequences of that day?c. How to avoid them? But then I realize that the alarm is going off so I can jump into my uniform – very cool because now I don’t have the ‘what-should-I-wear-today-game’, and go to SFA, what would pretty awesome if I wouldn’t have such a “lovely” morning mood. But with a free-cup-of-hot-choco that is always waiting at me at SFA, my ‘sunny’ morning mood doesn’t stay for very long.

Sorry, I kind of lost of track…Where was I? Oh right, ‘normal’ week…Good well so week 14 is closed…lets go further to week 15. Week 15 was pretty relaxed like I told in the beginning. We did a bit of Airlaw, Meteo, Mass and Balance, a lot of Gen. Nav and a bit of paintball…Yep, u read it correctly, paintball. Thursday we had nothing to do for once – except some of us had a test, me included- and after the test, the guys of Malta came and pick me up, (aren’t they sweet :-p ) and then we drove to Merchtem. We were with 10 of our prom and we’d a great time. The day after everybody had black-purple-green-yellow-and-all-colors-of-the-rainbow-spots on their bodies but nobody cared for it. We had fun, that’s what count.  

Some Did-u-knows: 
  • We all miss Catherine Bernier like hell?  And I mean really-really-really miss her.
  • We also miss Tom Van Laetem!
  • We’ll have our observation flight briefing next week and our internal regulation briefing.
  • Already 4 of us did an observation flight, and we’re now at SFA for 4 months and 3 days, so what a perfect timing to give such briefings. *roll eyes*
  • We only had to search for our sandwiches twice!!! New record!
  • We want that Catherine comes back.
  • I finally have almost my full uniform, only 2 trousers to go.
  • I found an old postcard of Sabena that was from the mother of the mother of my mother, or simply my grand-grandmother. (see below)
  • We have new BFC equipment. (see below)
  • That we want to know when Catherine is coming back?
  • That we have sometimes course in the weekend, like we’d today?
  • That some of my ‘pupils’ have their final briefing next week and that they better can make that they pass. (hint!)
  • SFA is fun!
  • Flying also!
  • The houses become smaller if ya pull the yoke?
  • That according to our instructor of POH/Jeppesen an Avro isn’t a plane.
  • That it isn’t healthy if the houses become unwanted, too big.
  • We want Tom Van Leatem back.
  • Gravity sucks.
  Questions of this week: 
  • When is Catherine coming back?
  • Where’s Tom Van Laetem right now?
  • Why do we have only 10 fingers?
  • When is Catherine coming back?
  • When will we leave to the USA?
  • Who’ll be in group A and who in B?
  • Wouldn’t it be easier if we’d a third eye at the back of our head?
  • When is Catherine coming back?

Cya ya guys next time…


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Week 13

G’noon all,


I’d a great week, lots of fun, and yeah, oki, lots of studying also. There’re at least two progress checks every week, so free time is worth gold. Yesterday I took a ‘day off’. Why? Because this little girl became 20 and I really didn't want to celebrate that with Radio Nav. or Meteo.

This week we were introduced to ‘Operational Procedures’, OPS. It’s given by the same instructor as Mass & balance, Matthias Van de Kerchove. His openings sentence was ‘Welcome to the most boring course of them all and be prepared to fall asleep.”  But we did everything, accept fall asleep! It’s was damn funny! Ok, the course itself is b-o-r-i-n-g like hell, but luckily Matthias tells a lot of stories and they’re all funny like hell. The same for Perfo, with Tom Poelman, the stories are awesome!’ …and with ‘awesome’ and ‘funny like hell’, I mean ‘rolling-on-the-floor-laughing-with-a-painfull-stomach-because-u-can’t-stop’. Djee, I so love SFA!! I would tell a couple of those stories if I could, but ‘What happens in the cockpit, stays in the cockpit’. In the first course of OPS we had a bit of a safety briefing, given by Christian my Spanish Prom mate. And I think you can guess it…it was funny like hell!


Next week we’ll have our last course of ‘Airlaw 1’, and believe it or not, I think I’ll miss it. Airlaw is given by Stijn and that guy really deserves a ‘pluimke’ because he actually succeeded to make such a ******* course interesting.


For the rest, what’s on the pic’s below?


The first pic, is ‘Pistache’…our class-fly. Pistache is a very silent and a bit shy fly who’s I think a year old. He never ever leaves his be loving spot on the window. Pistache was already there when we came and I think he will still be there when we leave again. I love that little bastard and I sure will miss that little fellow.



Next picture: our noisy-but-we-can’t-miss-them-anymore guys from Malta.



The 4 pic’s below are all Christian who’s making an effort not to be disturbed by our laughs and the flashes of the cameras, while he’s trying to do a safety briefing. Matthias is helping him to fasten the belt of the life jacket, while he’s also trying to be serious and not to laugh.  Too bad I didn’t take a picture while he was explaining how an oxygen mask works…

Poor Christian,…




Good that was it for today, hope to see ya’ll next week,



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First Observation Flight

Hi All, 

TF1 F100/100  JAF 6003 BRU 0515 0810 AGP J  JAF 6004 AGP 0850 1140 BRU J 

I’m just back from my first observation flight. It was with Jetair on the Fokker 100, destination Malaga and it was the last day that that Bird was operative. That’s actually the reason why I choose the Fokker flight and not the NG flight. Time enough for me to see the NG but now I still can say that I made a trip with the F100.

At 04.30 I was waiting in the crew room for my Capt. and FO. I received the flight plan and looked at it as if it was Chinees. 30 min later the Capt. came in and he asked of I understood what was on those papers. I answered ‘no’ and he said “Don’t worry, I fly now for more then 30 years and I don’t understand it either”, he blinked too me and he started to explain what was on those papers. It’s actually not that hard but all those abbreviations makes it difficult to understand. We checked together the weather and fuel and the other stuff that has to be done before flight. The FO came and also the steward and the stewardess. Funny group all together.

Take off at 06.15 and we landed around 08.50, 20 min earlier then expected (tailwind ;-) ) It was a nice trip and they explained a lot. Breakfast was njammie and also the meal at noon. In Malaga I did the walk-around together with the FO, and I was very pleased that he took the time to explain me everything he had to check.  

The flight back was funny too, the only thing was that we went from nice weather back to cloudy Belgium. Well yeah, at least I saw the Spanish sun for 30 min. Or is that the same sun as ours?

I’m very happy with the trip, and it’s also a good motivation-boost. I can’t wait to plan a next observation flight! Below some pic’s of the trip… 

Cya all next week… 

PS: I know that I didn’t wrote something about week 11 and 12, but nothing very interessting happened.
PPS: Only that the Maltese guys went back to MaltaThursday eve, so Friday it was for once very silent in the class and meteo was finished 40 min earlier because there where no “Maltese-questions”.
PPPS: No hard feelings guys, I still love u all ;-)

PPPPS: No Byron I’m very sorry I didn’t cry Friday, but if it makes u feel better, I sure missed you all :p

Fokker 100 







Yep, even in Spain they have IKEA's





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Week 10

The hell week continued…We had 3 progress checks in one week, our first course of piston engines and our first course of airframes and systems. So, it was again very bussy... Our course of pistons is given by a nice lady, Ruth D’hondt, so for once I wasn’t the only girl in the class.

Luckely this week will be more relaxed…today, monday, I have no course, and for the rest this week will be a lot of meteo, psycho, pistons, and radio nav., all courses I like, and only one progress check à meteo.

I already said that I got compagny from 2 lovely other girls...and here's a picture of the three "groud-school-girls" together...

From the left 2 right: Mathilde, Gwendoline, and me


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I already heard about bird and pole strikes but not about giraffe strikes...


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Week 9

Hi Guys,

The last week was such a hell!! I even can't give a definition anymore of the word 'sleep' because I don't know what it means. Everybody was so damn tired...The last two days my eyes didn't stopped tearing from the fatigue...Yesterday I went to bed at 20.00 and I swear I think I was already sleeping before touching my pillow. Well, anyway...4-5 hours sleep a night is not enough, but yeah what do you do about it? It's only for a couple of months and study has a higher priority level then some hours sleep...

For the rest nothing new to say, unless that we finished the course of physio and that I still love SFA, I still love the courses, I still love my prom and I still love the free hot choco (that's the mean reason I choose for SFA!!!Knipoog)

I hope your week was better then mine and c y'll next week...




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Week 8

I know, normally i do an update of my blog every weekend...and i would have done it also this weekend if a day would have count more then 24 hours...but yeah...We all have problems...

Anyway, u probably want to know what happened the last 168 hours?

Well, I had my first course of turbines and the new promotion started. Promotion 8 counts 16 people, with again 6 guys from Malta. If they will send every 2 months 6 persons, Malta will be empty by the end of the year...
Prom 8 also counts two girls...so i'm not the only girl at the groundschool anymore. The two new girls are awesome and we get along very well :-)

For the rest the sandwiches disappared only once, there were no more pole-strikes (there's still a 10.000€ price on the head of the last pole), and 'shit' is still a common word for our instructors...

Cya next time...


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A380 Cockpit 360°

A380 Cockpit 360°


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Week 6 and 7

Hi All,

No pole-strikes, no hidden sandwiches, and no crashes happened the last two weeks. Only...funny socks...

Question: What happens when you have to stand up wayyyyy to early and you don't turn the light one???? Any guess??

pascal socks


The only two 'exciting' things that happended during the last 14 days:

* We were again introduced to a new course, and this time it was 'flight planning'.

*The official introduction of the B737 NG. Me and a couple of other prom students were asked to help a bit at the reception or at the gate, and one of my prom buddies took the opportunity to shoot a couple pictures...
Too bad but we couldn't go inside at the moment but our time we'll come :-)

 See ya all next time,






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B737 NG

do 17/01/08 - De Sabena Flight Academy heeft een nieuwe vluchtsimulator in gebruik genomen. Er was grote behoefte aan een bijkomend toestel want het aantal leerling-piloten zit in de lift.
Astronaut Frank Dewinne mocht als eerste de nieuwe simulator uitproberen.

De nieuwe simulator is geschikt voor de opleiding voor alle types Boeing 737.

Sabena Flight Academy heeft nu in totaal zes vluchtsimulatoren in België: drie voor Boeing, twee voor Airbus en een voor Avro.

De nieuwe simulator, inclusief de omkadering zoals elektriciteit, airco en aanpassingen aan het gebouw, kostte Sabena Flight Academy 10 miljoen euro.


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Week 5

Hi people,

 The only highlights of last week were our first course of BFC (Basic Flying course) and the first course of performance.

Our first BFC session was given by Xavier Jensen, and the keyword of that day was "CENTRE POINT"!!! We only worked with the yoke, throttle, trim and pedals and for the instruments with the ADI and the RPM indicator. Level flight, climb, descent, bank, etc...

Our instructor for Performance is Tom Poelman. Damn that guy is funny! Jokes and jokes + good teaching skills... That's the way to fly :-)

For the rest, nothing very exciting happened. Exept maybe that the second pole is also gone...
2 poles gone, 1 to go ... Who will hit the last one? Who will win the 1.000.000€???
"The Three Gate Poles"...to be continued!!!

For not SFA-people: Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a gate...an entry gate. And next to that gate there were three poles. One day one of the Three Poles was hit by a Maltese guy of my prom. The two other poles stayed lonely behind. A couple of weeks later the people of that land far, far away saw that there was only one pole left. Till today nobody knows what is happend to the second pole. Some people say he missed the first pole so much that he took off. Others say that he has to search the fields for ever, tilll he find his pole-mate back. And the last pole is doomed to stay there whole its life, alone, without company and without his dudes....Till somebody hit him.

The End

C u all next week...


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Pis Man

My mum was cleaning out one of the shelves and guess what she found, old postcards from Sabena. One of the cards is "Manneke Pis" in a sabena uniform. The back of the card says " Verkocht tegen 5 frank ten voordelen van de ziekenkas van de personeelsvereniging van Sabena (A.P.S)
Vendu 5 frank au profit de la Caisse des Malades de l'Association de personnel de la Sabena (A.P.S)"

There were other cards but I didn't had time to scan them...




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Hi All,

The last week was a very short week. We had only course on Thursday and Friday. Friday was a very interesting day, we had our first briefing of BFC, Basic Flying Course.
First there was the 'normal' introduction briefing, where Jean De Clercq explained all the 'Goals':

* Develop professional attitude
* Understand basic tasks and apply
* Teaching/learning process
* Link between theory and practice
* PPH (Personal Pilot Handbook)

After a short break we had the Technical briefing and a short introduction what we will have to do in our first session.

The sessions are in groups and there are 4 groups of 4 people. I'm in group 1


See ya all next week



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Merry X-mas and a happy New year


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Week 4

G'day everybody,

The keyword of the 4th week was 'Instrumentation'. We talked a lot about gyroscopes, gimbals and precession. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Precession


The gyro's are used for the following instruments: DGI (directional gyro indicator), AH ( artificial horizon), turn and slip indiactor, and the turn co-ordinator)


We also had some Gen. Nav., POF and friday noon, we were introduced to another new course: Psycho. We started the course with the beautiful sentence: "Destiny is not a matter of chance, but a matter of choice." 
And for once, it was very quiet at the third floor and in the classroom, because the Maltese guys left Thursday for the x-mass holidays.

Did u know that:

* 'Gimbal' isn't a sport
* 'Gimbal lock' isn't a kind of strange dance
* There is no 'I' in 'We, Crew and Teamwork'
* That you can order sandwiches
* That 'search-the-sandwiches' is a daily game at SFA
* Everybody hates that game
* A 'Tumbling' is not a tropical animal
* I still love that I'm the only girl
* My prom rulez

 C u all next time...



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Week 3

G’day (Student) Pilots, aviation lovers, and pedestrians,…


Again, we were introduced to a couple of new courses this week. POF (Principles of Flight) and meteo.


After the first course of POF, given by Piet v/d Velde, I was glad that I did aerodynamics as my end thesis, in high school. So, I was already familiar with some new terms, formula and of course the law of Bernoulli.

We learned to fill in the ‘load sheet’ of an Archer III and to calculate all the necessary stuff, like the centre of gravity, etc.  



Today we saw ‘how the use the Pooley’s CRP-5’. That thing looks so professional.


Did u know: 

           The coffee/hot choco is free at SFA
Everybody would panic if that coffee machine would be shut down of would be broken.

            That every single teacher uses the word ‘sh*t’

          That Stijn Andries broke his own record…

           He said the word ‘cava’ 73 times in 2h30

           The DC part of electrics is finished

           We all are very glad with that!!!!!

           We all can explain perfectly all the electrics in a ship.

           We don’t like the guy/girl who invented the ‘courses during the weekend’

           I hate my alarm at 0500 Saturday even more then the one at Monday.

           I’m becoming a pilot, so I better get used to such early hours.

           I just love to be the only girl

           The eyes of our ‘Prom 1 teachers’ start to twinkle every time they mention their time at Arizona.

      My prom rulez!



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For the Selection-candidates who still have to do their physic test and to make it easier for me…


FAQ for the physic test:


1. How can I prepare myself for this test?

- Buy/hire the book: “theory and problems of college physics


2. Do we have to know everything of that book?

            - NO, don’t be silly.


The following numbers are the chapters and the numbers of the exercises we did in the ‘physic-week’ in July.

 Chapter 2: 2-9-14-15-17-20
             3: 9-10-15-16-22-23-28
             4: 1-3-7
             5: 2-3-4-7
             6: 2-4-8-16-20-21
             9: 1-2-3-6-7
           12: 1-2-4-9-10
           13: 1-3-7-8-12-19
           14: 3-8-12
           16: 1-4
           26: 4-5-6
           27: 2-24
           28: 2-9

NORMALLY, if you don’t have any problems at all, to solve those questions, you’re ready to make the test.

(Note: don’t think that the test will be easy because the 3 example questions of the information brochure are simple!)


3. How many questions do we get on the test?
            - Depends of you have the A or the B test.
A) 30 questions and u have to solve 20 of them, and they all have to be correct.
B) You receive 20 questions and you have to solve them all.


(Tip: do not make to many mistakes ;-) )


4) Do we have to know the formulas and the constants by hart?

            - Yes! You do NOT receive a paper with the formulas and the constants on it.

(Tip: you will receive scribble paper; write the formulas and the constants down!)


5) Are we allowed to use a calculator?

            - Yes, you can use your ‘pocket-Japanese’, so don’t forget to bring it with you!

So, I hope this will help a couple of you...

Good luck guys/girls,



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Week 2

G’day Pilots and Student-Pilots,

and also Pedestrians, and other strange walking people…


Week 2 went fast, very fast, and I’m very sorry I can’t write more on my blog. I really don’t have the time.

This week I had 3 new courses:


*Radio Nav.

I don’t find POH and Airlaw the most interesting courses, but Stijn Andries (Airlaw) really tries to make it as interesting as possible. Lots of stories and examples…

My first course of radio nav. was really nice. Ruddy Kiekens, explains everything very well, also with occasionally a story between two chapters.


The 6th of December , ‘Sinterklaas’ came to visit the Academy and he gave us all chocolate & candy. “Zwarte Piet” wrote rules on the blackboard and one of them was “treat the only girl as if she's a Queen!” After that, the boys were even nicer then before.

I’m so damn lucky with my prom. Smile
Thanks Piet…


C u all next time…


Keep on flying = keep on smiling

 Lady Pilot

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Eerste vrouw die wereld rondvloog overleden

De Duitse luchtvaartpionierster Elly Beinhorn is op 100-jarige leeftijd overleden. Beinhorn was de eerste vrouw die in het begin van de jaren 30 in een vliegtuig rond de wereld vloog.

De expeditie begon op 4 december 1931. Vanop Berlijn-Staaken vertrok ze via Turkije richting India. Op 26 juli 1932 landde ze opnieuw in Berlijn. Voordien had ze reeds solovluchten naar Afrika op haar palmares gebracht.

Beinhorn overleed woensdag in een bejaardentehuis in Ottobrunn bij München. (dpa/mvl)



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Week 1

G’day Ladies & Gents, 

I just finished my first week at SFA. I would have written earlier but 24 hours in a day aren’t enough. Like I said before….Time has a bad attitude. It’s full throttle from the first day, and we don’t have much time to do something else then study. 

These are the courses from my first week: 

*basic radio
*mass and balance

This is how my day looks like: I wake up at 05.30 AM, go to SFA at 06.00 AM (because of the traffic-jams), arrive at 06.30 AM, study + chat till 08.20 AM, have courses till 12.10 followed by a break of 50 min., and then course again till 16.50 PM. Going back home, eat, study, sleep… 

The class is very nice, and also the teachers…and at the moment I just love to be the only girl :-) But I think that I will be very happy when Mathilde and Gwendoline will arrive in February. (Prom 8) 

I’ll keep u lot posted… 

C u all next week 


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Welcome briefing



The first thing I had to do in the morning, together with Jan, another Flight Student of my promotion, was to collect my BIAC badge at the ‘airport security badges service’. We also had to watch a 30 min. movie about the security at the airport. The movie explains what u can and can’t do, and how it all works.


After some words from our ‘President & CEO’, Jacques Waldeyer, we had the welcome briefing, which was given by our CGI (Chief Ground Instructor), Catherine Bernier. We received an overview of our theoretical and flight training, our courses and instructors, and last but not least, the rules and rights. The briefing was followed by a quick tour in the school, and we received our material . (tip for the following proms for the first day: come by car!)  


* 15 very tiny books :-p

* student pilot manual

*CRP 5 Computer

* Ruler

* Protactor

* Plotter

*3 water-soluble pens

* CD-rom 'JAA ATPL Exam Preparation

* Uniform


I even received a Flight-CAT...


So, how does my class look like?

6 from Malta
1 from Spain
1 from Greece
3 from Wallonië, Belgium
5 from the Flanders, Belgium

15 boys 1 girl...
I think I will enjoy it Lachend

Monday 'the big start', wish me luck...



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Only one week to go...Cool

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Space shuttle


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Counting: still 30 days to go...

23th November...Cool

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Mededelingen van de bemanning

Mededelingen van de bemanning, gehoord op verschillende vluchten...

 "Uw stoelkussen kan gebruikt worden om uzelf drijvende te houden en bij een landing op het water kunt u het namens de maatschappij meenemen"

 "Een gedeelte van het vliegtuig is gereserveerd voor rokers. Als u wilt roken, kunt u dit laten weten aan een van onze stewardessen die u vervolgens zal begeleiden naar de vleugel"

"Zorg ervoor dat u bij het verlaten van het vliegtuig al uw persoonlijke eigendommen meeneemt. Alle achtergebleven spullen zullen eerlijk verdeeld worden onder het kabinepersoneel"

 "De temperatuur op onze bestemming is 10°C en het wolkendek is gebroken. Maar ze zullen proberen om het voor aankomst te repareren."

"Beste mensen, we hebben onze kruishoogte bereikt en ik zal nu het 'fasten-seat-belt' lampje uitdoen. Ga lekker een stukje lopen, maar blijf alstublieft in het vliegtuig tot dat we geland zijn.  Het is nogal koud buiten en als u over de vleugels loopt, kan dit van invloed zijn op het vluchtschema."

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