departue + first week in AZ

G’day guys,


Some boys of India who’re living just across my bedroom thought it would be funny to scream everybody awake at 0615 in the morning, so I thought by myself, ‘rise and shine’ it will be a beautiful warm/hot day.

The little piece here below I wrote already on the plane, but I didn’t had internet access till now to put it on the blog. I’ll just copy and paste it.


Hi all,


I’m writing this piece in the plane to Washington D.C.  The screen in front of me says that we already travelled 2221 miles, we’re 37000 feet (11277m) high, our speed is 805km/h and we have a head wind of (38 km/h).

But I’ll start with the beginning.

0600: waky, waky time. For the first time in a couple of weeks I’m wearing my uniform again. It feels good :-p After a quick breakfast my dad kicks my two huge suitcases in the trunk of the car, and off we go. I’m the first to arrive at the SV4 – who’s not hanging there anymore - in the departure hall of Brussels airport. My grandparents arrived a bit later J At 10.15 everybody’s there and we’re checking in our luggage. We say goodbye to our supporting teams. We receive the last hugs and kisses we will get in 6-7 months. Just wave and smile….

At the security check I’m ‘beeping’ just like I predicted. My shoes, it’s always the same story. The security picks me out the line, and I’m getting searched.
Finally we board the plane –United B777-  and 5 minutes later, we start to taxi. It’s a long trip, still 3 hours to go, it will be a total of 8 hours and some minutes. I already saw 2 movies, and one of them was the newest movie with Will Smith, Hancock. Djeez, I never saw a bad movie with Will in my life, so I was very, very, very disappointed in this one. Come on, Superman with an alcohol problem? *rolling eyes* They should fire Vince Gilligan, the one who wrote the screenplay. Oeps, battery is almost flat, time to go…


8 hours and some minutes later we land at Washington D.C Dulles. We have 3 hours to get our stuff and find the gate for our next stretch. From Washington DC to Phoenix Skyharbor, a trip from 5 hours. I didn’t know so much about that part of the trip because I was already sleeping before we took off! I remember that the plane started to taxi and that’s it.


  • The first week here is actually pretty boring.
  •  Briefings, and briefings and more briefings!
  • We also bought the Chevy Van of prom 5.  
  • That car is awesome.
  • We start flying on Tuesday.
  • It’s hot over here!


Sorry, this time the writing is a bit all over the place, but I don’t have that much time…








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Veel geluk Veel geluk in Arizona, Elke! En amuseert u.
Zelfs na 15 jaar blijf ik met heimwee terugkijken op die 6 maanden (in Scottsdale).

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dat is echt een geweldige bus!

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me know!

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thank you very much

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