Monday is D-day!


The examinations are finished!!! I already started packing and the paperwork is almost done. (tip for the following proms: from the moment u recieve ur I-20 form, start doing the paperwork! Don't wait till the last 2 weeks, because u will be in trouble!)

Monday we - Laurent, Stephen, Tom and me - have to be under the SV4 in the departure hall in Bxl-airport at 0930. Apparently the A/C isn't there anymore but I'm sure we'll find eachother ;-)

What's the program in the states?

1. Piper Archer: PA-28
phase I: exercises up to first solo + solo check = 15 hrs
phase II: exercises up to first solo cross-country + x-country check = 20.5 hrs
phase III: exercises up to VFR navigation + VFR nav. check = 45.5 hrs

2. Diamond Star DA-40
phase IVa: night flight, basic & advanced instrument flying + BIF check + IR (NDB & VOR) check + final DA-40 IR check = 58hrs

3. Diamond Twinstar DA-42
phase IVb: multi-engine flying (VFR & IFR) + ME CPL (A) skill test = 25.5 hrs
phase IVc: ME IR acclimatization training JAA + ME IR (A) skill test = 5.5 hrs

I'll try to take some pictures of our departure and I'll write again when I'm on the otherside of the world.

Cya all!


btw: nope, I'm sorry I do not know what is happening with my blog, with the white vs blue background...if anybody knows what's going on, pls contact me :-)

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Wish you lots of success! :)
(Already thought you had a weird background...)

Gepost door: Simon V. | 26-10-08

Thx Simon :-)
Yeah, normally my background is blue, but I don't know why it now shows white with some ppl...

Gepost door: 3lke | 26-10-08

Ik wil mijn zus terug! vuile piekedieven!!

Gepost door: Floes | 27-10-08

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