Some more YKYAAPW's

You know you are a pilot when, ...

- you say ‘check’ way too much

- reading the METAR/TAF text is easier to you than reading the newspaper.

- Your profile pic on facebook is you over or around or in cockpit of an airplane.

- tree isnt green, fife isnt a musical instrument

- before you go on a road trip, you look up the different airports along your route and destination

- When you are going on a road trip traveling west (In the U.S) you start planning extra time for the trade winds

- Instead of getting songs stuck in your head you get VOR idents _ _ ..._._._

- You know the length of every runway within 200 miles of your present location

- You start drifting over to the left when driving your car and press the accelerator pedal to 'get back on centreline'

- You type ‘121.5’ instead of 911

- You hang out with a guy and a gust of wind suddenly blows to you. Immediately, you report loudly, "Windshear! Go around!"
- You feel nothing when others scream out in a roller coaster. You only mutter "sink rate" when you begin to descend on the steep section of the track.

- When you reach for the mixture after putting the parking brake on in your car.

- you perform checklists in your car

- You begin to ease back the stearing wheel on your car as your speedometer approaches Vr.

- you hate it when the air hostess says something wrong about the plane you are travelling in

- you don't read ppl as a shortened version of people!

- when you want ur car to give how many NM coverd insted of miles or km

- six packs are instuments for you not abs

- you can subtract or add 30 or 45 easier than any other number

- You might be a pilot if you use the fact that you're a pilot as a pickup line.

- you may be a pilot if... your friends no longer invite you to watch a movie with an airplane in it, because you will start telling them why the loop in a C-172 is impossible

- if the numbers "45/180" mean anything to you

- you wonder if broken items in your car are "required equipment"
- you wonder if that girl in the tower is as hot as she sounds

- you often mix up the words "highway" & "runway"...

- you have a love-hate relationship with your GPS

- you say “forward and aft” instead of “front and back”

- you hate clouds with a passion

- You try to fit in that you are a pilot in every conversation with someone you had just met

- When turning a corner, you say "Clear Left" and wait for your pax to say "Clear right" before moving...

- your bumper sticker says " I M NOT DRIVING FAST, I M JUST FLYING LOW

- when pulled over by traffic police, u take out your pilot licence when asked to show your driving licence

- You pre-flight your car before you get in it, yell clear prop before you start it, do a break check once you start driving, and say clear left, right and straight before you turn

- on road trips you look at fields you drive by and rate them by how well you could land on an engine-out

- you have ever thought about/tried to tune-identify-select the station when changing the radio station frequency in your car

-  u store any quality FAA reading material in your bathroom for that special time when duty calls.

- When your desktop background is a picture form airliners.net

- When everyone but you couldn't be happier because its a beautiful warm sunny day outside with light winds, and your mad because the cloud ceiling is 1000 feet.

- when you refer to training your kid to drive aroudn the block as doing circuits

- You have ever caught yourself riding the center line on the highway.
- You are annoyed with your car's GPS because it doesn't have a "direct to" function
- You have ever wanted to turn to the right and accidentally floored the accelerator.

- When your mate says he is going to take his new car "for a spin" and you ask what recovery technique he prefers.

- Half of the photo albums on your Facebook profile are dedicated to airplanes or airplane-related environments.

- if your headset is in the top three most expensive things you own

- you refer to your car's cruise control as the auto throttle.

- You might be a pilot if when making a phone call you say 'Their name, your name' and then you're quiet and wait for them to say 'Your name, their name, go ahead'

- if you only use VOR charts because you cant understand Interstate maps

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Week 37 FNPT II

Howtideloe everybody!

Today I had the FNPT II simulator check. Yes, yes I passed. Not that everything went perfect though...Normally I would have started the check at 1300, but I got a mail the day before that it was scheduled too 1500. Good for me, more time to prepare and reread the appraoches. At 1530 I'm still waiting in the briefingroom and nobody's there. The checks where again a bit delayed and eventually I started at 1700. With also a bit more stress because of the waiting. The first hour it went great, and I told myself that everything was good and I started to relax a bit. I better hadn't done that, because 2 second after I thought it, I made my first mistake. But eventually everything was oké in the end and I'm happy that I can go to the next fase...well, after I pass my ATPL exams...



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Week 35


The 29th of September my theoritical exams will start. So, I suppose you all can understand that it's pretty buzzy overhere. My room is literally a rubbish dump, with ATPL books, files, papers, empty bottles and clothes everywhere. I never clean while I'm studying for my exams, so I think I'll have to live like this a little longer.

If you are curious how the ATPL exams work:
SFA will give you 3 papers.

Paper 1: The groups and dates. A prom is mostly split in two because otherwise there'll be to many people going too the States in one time. The groups are divided based on the marks/points of the progress checks. On the paper you find also the dates you will make your exams. Those dates will change at least 2 times, before you have your 4 real dates! And, you only got 4 days to make 15 exams. (Nobody said becoming a pilot is easy)

paper 2: The paper with the subjects that you will have to know for the 4 days, and how many time you will get. 

paper3: A paper with the Do's and Don't's for the exams.

How the rest works at the examinitiondays, you will hear in a couple of weeks.

For the rest, Prom 7A will leave too The States Tuesday, the 16th of September. Enjoy guys!










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Hi guys/girls,

What do you do when the runway lies in your backyard and you don't know what to do in the evening? Simple, you cook - read: warm up some leftovers - and go and sit in front of the runway to see all the beautiful birds come closer and closer too you and eventualy land gracefully on the threshold. And off course I made some pictures between two bites of 'what-ever-I-ate-that-evening'.








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