Week 37 FNPT II

Howtideloe everybody!

Today I had the FNPT II simulator check. Yes, yes I passed. Not that everything went perfect though...Normally I would have started the check at 1300, but I got a mail the day before that it was scheduled too 1500. Good for me, more time to prepare and reread the appraoches. At 1530 I'm still waiting in the briefingroom and nobody's there. The checks where again a bit delayed and eventually I started at 1700. With also a bit more stress because of the waiting. The first hour it went great, and I told myself that everything was good and I started to relax a bit. I better hadn't done that, because 2 second after I thought it, I made my first mistake. But eventually everything was oké in the end and I'm happy that I can go to the next fase...well, after I pass my ATPL exams...



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good job! how many missions you had to do before the check, because I saw on another blog what you had to do and it didn't look easy...
good luck with the super ATPL quizzz

Gepost door: Hans | 19-09-08

We took your class... lol

Gepost door: Yannick | 20-09-08

@ hans: Well, no it isn't easy, believe me. Especially not if you don't have any flying experience or never played with simulator before. Normally, you have the 'check' after 20 missions. The duration of a mission is 1h30. But if you have difficulties with something or a slow progress you can have 'extra' missions. Then you have to re-do the mission that didn't went that good.

@yanyan: take care of pistach! and he better can be there waiting for me on the window when i'm coming back! Good luck monday on ur first day school :-p

Gepost door: 3lke | 21-09-08

Elke Do not dream your life, live your dream. Sta daar volledig achter :-)
Beter kan je het niet zeggen. Succes !!!!
groetjes viv

Gepost door: Viv&Chaplin&Staartje | 21-09-08

Nice job! Just continue like this, I'm sure you can make it!
Dikke kuss!!

Gepost door: Karl | 23-09-08

well done!:)

Gepost door: Vincent Vanhumbeeck | 24-09-08

Thx guys :-)

Gepost door: 3lke | 25-09-08

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