week 33

Hi all,

Yesterday I was struggling with a full headwind and by occasion x-wind when I was riding my bike towards my next 2 simulator sessions, mission 13 and 14. Before I arrived at the parking lot I heard already a heavy noise blowing my way. Listening to the sound of it, it couldn't be a little avro or a bigger 737,... No, it was a fully grown 747 who was testing his engines. I wasn't that surprised to see a 747 next to the parking lot, because there are often planes testing their engines, but moreover because it was one of the slinking fleet of Kalitta's 747's. The last time I saw such a large Kalitta bird was on May 26, one day after the crash on rwy 20. Quick I putted my bycicle inside and shot a couple of pic's of the enormouse beast that was already taxiïng back to the ramp. While putting my camera back in my flightcase, I wished the big boy a save flight and went inside with a big smile, hoping that one day I also will be able to control one of the most beautiful inventions in human history, an aircarft.

Save landings boys and girls,


Btw, JDC would say: "A pilot's life is one big struggle against the wind!"

Damn right, he is.





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Oooooohw what a nice SFA-van you have there on the parking lot ...

*just kidding*
Cool 747, looks quite big actually, but I'm sure that it can easily be controlled by a future female pilot from prom 7. :)

Gepost door: Jerry | 15-08-08

Ik volg je blog op de voet. Keep on the good work!

Gepost door: Wanja Fagard | 20-08-08

Thx Wanja :-)

Gepost door: 3lke | 20-08-08

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