Week 32 Mission 11

G'day my dear blogreaders,

I guess u're all anxious to know what I have been doing up to now.
My days consits out of the simulator DA42 and to prepare for those sessions. Tomorrow I have mission 11.

Below this paragraph u will see the "what-do-I-have-to-know-and what-will I-have-to-do-for-mission-11"-sheet.
At the top of the paper, you have the "nice-to-know-stuff" and the lesson objective. At the leftside you have the list with the topics u have to review, prepare and know. U can see that the things I have to know for this next session are to be found in the IFR manual of Sabena. Mostly I like the Sabena manuals, because they are clear, well illustrated and good explained, however, I don't have so much good to tell about the IFR manual. It's a chaotic thing, with not enough examples and badly explained. I don't know what my fellow collegues think about that manual, but that's my opinion anyway.
Good, to go further. Under the 'Homework' box, you have the 'completion standards'-box. For example in the beginning of the sessions u are allowed to fly 200 feet below or above your altitude, but now we are only allowed 100 feet difference anymore.
At the righthand side you have the exercises u have to do in the air, the ATC clearance and the Wx information.

As you can see, I have to perform a ILS approach in Gateway. I did it before, but together with the instructor who gave me vectors to fly, what is much easier off course. But i'm pretty sure I'll be tomorrow on my own.

Save landings,













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wtf are you babling 'bout? :s howtoedeloew? don't understand a thsikkepith!

Gepost door: Floes | 07-08-08

Well its not for pedestrians é sistah :-p
And if you want me to explain...but i think u only will roll yr eyes at me if i try to explain :-p

Gepost door: 3lke | 07-08-08

Make sure that you don't confuse the 'left hand procedure turn' with a left turn on your driving license exam... :p:p:p
Btw, when's your driving license exam?

Gepost door: Jerry | 14-08-08

in 5 days jer...btw i have to ask u a couple of questions...

big hug

Gepost door: 3lke | 15-08-08

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