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Normally I don't say a thing when I add a link on my blog, but this time I will.

Prom 6A left to The States the 7th of July and they have a foto gallery with already 3 albums with pic's.





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2nd observation flight



Brussels - Palermo  /  Palermo - Brussels

Today I had my second observation flight, and just like my first flight it was with Jetair. This time I had the privilege to join the crew of the 737-700, OO-JAN, to Palermo, Sicily.

I arrived before the crew and asked for a copy of the flight plan. This time I was glad that I understood what was written on those papers. When the capt. arrived we checked the flight plan, weather and notams and he took the time to explain something when I had a question.

When we arrived at the plane, the capt. started the walk around, the FO did the cockpit setup and preparation and I was glad to hear the sentence 'Do u know how the FMS works?' After giving the FO a postive answer I climbed on the left hand seat and started to fill out everything on the FMS ,which the FO checked afterwards off course.

When the Capt. entred the cockpit, I was banished back to the jumpseat, we asked push back and taxi clearance and a couple minutes later we where airborn.

The flight was peacefull, the crew pleasant to talk with, and the food good. I could not have wished for more.

And Palermo is Beautiful with a capital letter! I'm sorry I don't have so much pictures to show you guys but believe me if I say it. The weather overthere was also nice, so it was a bit of a disappointment when we where back in Brussels. Clouds, clouds, and some more clouds, wind, and a way to low temperature for this time of the year.

Like on my first observation flight I had a great time and I really can't wait to take place behind the yoke myself.

Happy and save landings everyone...











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Week 29

G’morning/noon/evening y’all,


Waauw, where to start, where to start…maybe just with the beginning? No?


Between the last time I wrote something on the blog and now, I had four FNPT II sessions and a practical communication course. 


Tuesday the 1st I had my second sim session and the 5th, I had two sessions to fly as PF (pilot flying) and two sessions as PNF (pilot non-flying). Four sessions in one day, let me assure u that it was a long, long day. Yesterday, the 9th I had my 5th session. If you are wondering what we have to do in the beginning of the FNPT II sessions:


The first 2-3 sessions are VFR sessions. Those sessions we have to do visual by looking outside and only occasionally inside to the instruments, just to crosscheck of everything is still ok. The first sessions are more ‘familiarization’ sessions to get use to the airplane and to learn how the Garmin 1000 works. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Garmin_G1000 (Don’t you just love Wikipedia?) 

We have to do every time the cockpit preparation and all the flows and checklists. The first sessions are just ‘basic flying’, and I find it a lot easier then BFC. (for now on!)  The 3rd and the 4th are more precise flying and with take off’s and landings, patterns to fly etc. From session 4 we already have to intercept the ILS, and do off course the ILS landing.


Because I’m…euhm…'not that tall’… I always had a problem to fly ‘normal seated’. I use four pillows to sit a bit comfortable and ‘higher’, but higher also means further away from the rudder pedals and the instruments and controls. I couldn’t reach the rudders, and going full throttle was impossible. My four first missions where quit an adventure, especially if I had to taxi. I kind of had to lay half down in my seat to reach the rudders, and giving rudder to centre the ball couldn’t be done either. In session five, my instructor seated me lower (it is now IFR flying, instruments, so I don’t have to sit higher anymore to look outside) and he putted the two big pillows behind my back. It was the first time in …well ever, that I sat ‘normal’ and flying is a lot easier now. Even my erratic movements – which I had enormous in BFC – aren’t there anymore and the painful shoulders because of the forced seated flying are gone as well. 


From now on, it will be kind of difficult to write every week something on my blog. I don’t think it will be that interesting for you guys to know how many times I crashed the plane, or landed in the water, messed up the pattern or totally screwed up a navigation flight, so I’ll write only if I have something really interesting to tell.


I want to say too :


Prom 10: Welcome to SFA and good luck!
Prom 6A: Enjoy Arizona and don't forget to write us by occasions...if you have two seconds time by the pool...

Prom 6B: Good luck with the exams
Prom 3: (they are almost finished) Enjoy and succes with your careers and many happy and save landings!

To the selections candidates who're now following the physic course / doing their selection tests: Good luck and study well! It is worth it! And don't forget to say 'Hi' if you see me :-p ( Some of u still own me a fanta :-p )


The 23rd I have another observation flight with jetair, to Palermo, Sicily.  I’m really looking forward to it. 






normal pattern

prec app 2 eng





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little note

Little note:

Thx everybody for the mails and the nice comments about the blog. I'm sorry that I'm late again but the computer at home isn't working. I hope I can update tomorrow or Wednesday... or maybe Thursday...unless there will be heavy crosswind, in that case make it even Friday...and in case of CB's, X-wind, and heavy rainfall I'll see you guys in the weekend Knipoog




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