2nd observation flight



Brussels - Palermo  /  Palermo - Brussels

Today I had my second observation flight, and just like my first flight it was with Jetair. This time I had the privilege to join the crew of the 737-700, OO-JAN, to Palermo, Sicily.

I arrived before the crew and asked for a copy of the flight plan. This time I was glad that I understood what was written on those papers. When the capt. arrived we checked the flight plan, weather and notams and he took the time to explain something when I had a question.

When we arrived at the plane, the capt. started the walk around, the FO did the cockpit setup and preparation and I was glad to hear the sentence 'Do u know how the FMS works?' After giving the FO a postive answer I climbed on the left hand seat and started to fill out everything on the FMS ,which the FO checked afterwards off course.

When the Capt. entred the cockpit, I was banished back to the jumpseat, we asked push back and taxi clearance and a couple minutes later we where airborn.

The flight was peacefull, the crew pleasant to talk with, and the food good. I could not have wished for more.

And Palermo is Beautiful with a capital letter! I'm sorry I don't have so much pictures to show you guys but believe me if I say it. The weather overthere was also nice, so it was a bit of a disappointment when we where back in Brussels. Clouds, clouds, and some more clouds, wind, and a way to low temperature for this time of the year.

Like on my first observation flight I had a great time and I really can't wait to take place behind the yoke myself.

Happy and save landings everyone...











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almost OO-YAN :D

Gepost door: Yannick | 24-07-08

almost :-p

Gepost door: 3lke | 24-07-08

OO-JAN Grappig... een OO-JAN B737 ;-)

BTW: Elke, Kunt ge mij die bovenste foto eens in beste formaat doormailen?

Gepost door: Jan Ottenbourg | 26-07-08

Geen probleem Jan...Verzonden :-)

Gepost door: 3lke | 27-07-08

Ik wil ook graag piloot worden.(zit nu in het 3de)
vindt u het een goeie school? en zou u wat meer informatie kunnen geven?

Gepost door: Marcus | 22-11-10

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