Week 28: First FNPT II session

G'day all,

Thursday I had my first FNPT II / DA42 session together with my fly-mate Stephen. The first session is a familiarization session so it was quite relaxed.

First we did the flows, checklists, briefings and we also got a bit more explanation about the G1000. Once airborn, we made some exercises on straight and level flight, turns, climbs, descents, effect of controls and the instructor even made a looping which ended in a stall.

It was a VFR flight so I had to order myself to look constant outside instead of inside, which is kind of strange if you only flew on instruments till now.

Enjoy the pic's,

Save landings,


My first scribble in my Logbook.


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Ziet er erg cool uit.......
Greetzzzzzzzz Dad

Gepost door: bogaert Alex | 29-06-08

Well done Verlies u pen maar niet, want vanaf nu gaat de inkt heel snel vloeien in uw logbook.
Hopelijk komen er ook snel "betaalde" vluchten in te staan.

Veel succes in Arizona,

Gepost door: Ives Belmans | 30-06-08

voor betaalde vluchten zal het toch nog ff duren Ives :-)

Gepost door: 3lke | 30-06-08

Congrats for you first entry in your logbook :D
Enjoy the next sessions!

Gepost door: Karl | 30-06-08

Thx karl :-)

Gepost door: 3lke | 30-06-08

Toch wat netter schrijven hé ;o)

Gepost door: Floesje | 30-06-08

en het is FTD1-M1, very important! voor onze vrienden van de admin

Gepost door: . | 01-07-08

@ . : i just wrote down what the instructor told me to write...

Gepost door: 3lke | 01-07-08

Sometimes they are wrong...
Is that a new sim at SFA? at thought the had a Frasca simulator (the best ones...) or did they just buy a secons one already

Gepost door: dean | 02-07-08

@Dean: On the picture u see the FNPT II sim from Hub'Air. Because we are with to much and we have a delay, SFA hires the FNPT II sim from Hub and OAC aswell, to catch up a bit.

Gepost door: 3lke | 02-07-08

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