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Ladies and Gents,

Like I said, Friday was our last day of groundschool. It went so fast. Almost a year ago everybody of my Prom was stressing for the entry examinations and now 27 week later we're done with the theory. And we finished with something fun! Xavier Coetermans, our instructor (Gen. Nav) booked the full flight sim (Avro) for us and everybody could make a little flight and landing. I was in the last group, and when the group before me came out of the sim they looked like 4 little boys who just had received the best present ever in their whole life. And maybe that wild guess is not even far from the truth! They all wore a smile on their face that went up to their ears and even their eyes where like bright shining stars. Smiles of pure joy.

Two of my group weren’t there in time. Pascal and Diaz decided that they wanted to make a second flight in the jumpseat, and they accompanied John and me. John flew first, and when it was my turn he looked like he never ever wanted to leave his place. To bad, the girl wanted to fly also :-p

I only have one word: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!! That’s the right word, isn’t it? The word u use when you actually mean ‘there are no words to describe the feeling that you feel’ or ‘there are no words to say how awesome, amazingly fun something is”
It was (awesome)³³³³³³³. And just like the group before us, we were smiling. I felt like I was in love again, with butterflies everywhere. I smiled the whole way driving back to Ghent, I even smile right now, typing this little blog-part. I wonder what I will feel when I will start flying for real. I mean, it was only for a couple of minutes but even the coolest, most superb amusement park attraction can’t beat the joy of flying. Paul Huyghe was right. This isn’t a beautiful job, it is THE MOST beautiful job!

Xavier thanks!!!!!!!

Full flight sim: Avro(tje)


John flying with Xavier in the left seat


 3lke flying


The Three jumpseaters (from left to right: Diaz, Pascal, John)


Diaz in the left seat


John in the right seat


Pascal in the left seat


Me in the left seat


Groups pic


And last but not least...an unpaid pic of Xavier :-p



Cheers everyone,

Happy landings,


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Genieten... Enorm herkenbaar, de gevoelens die je daar beschrijft. Ik herinner me ook ons kwartiertje (allé, voor mij was het een half uurtje) in de Avro-sim... I still have the smile you're talking about!

Nu bezig met de MCC, en met iets meer studie en meer concentratie dan toen, blijft het genieten (deze keer in de sim van de Boeing 737-300).

Best of luck, en blijf dat goed doen!
Wim (prom3-collega)

Gepost door: Wim | 24-06-08

Idd! Ik voel me nu weer helemaal 'opgeladen' :-) Die smile plakt nu al 3 dagen op mijn gezicht en wilt er niet af...maar die zit daar eigenlijk goed :-p

Veel succes met de MCC!!
Vlieg ze!


Gepost door: 3lke | 24-06-08

You go girl !

Gepost door: Titi | 25-06-08

Btw Titi, ik heb een mailtje gehad van iemand uit Malaysia...blijkbaar zit jij daar voor iets tussen :-p

Gepost door: 3lke | 25-06-08

Can't see sh*t Captain
(check de visuals van de sim ;) )

Gepost door: Yannick | 25-06-08

op de foto's niet idd, maar geloof me vrij, als ik zeg dat er wel wat te zien was :-p

Gepost door: 3lke | 25-06-08

Klopt schat... Titi's tentakels reiken ver :)

Gepost door: Titi | 26-06-08

*knielt voor de almachtige medusa*

Gepost door: 3lke | 27-06-08

*geeft een bus insectenspray aan 3lke*

Gepost door: Floesje | 27-06-08

Hihi...zie maar dat titi het niet leest anders heb ik twee kerstkdootjes dit jaar en jij lekker geen :-p

Gepost door: 3lke | 27-06-08

Sttt, ik ben undercover in deze nick ;o)

Gepost door: Floesje | 30-06-08

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