week 24 and 25

Oké, guys get a grip...pls, don't spam my mailbox full with messenges that I didn't write an update for 2 weeks now. I have two very good and simpel explanations why I didn't made an update at all.

First one: Week 24 consisted only out of 2 half days. So, the chance that there would have happened something tremendous spectaculair, something extraordinary 'out-off-all-boundaries' funny, something that is even more interessting  then winning the World Cup, finding the missing link in the evolution, finding the last pirat treasure, climbing the mount everest without any oxygen, knowing what's inside pandora's box, or even finding back my red shoes with yellow pokadots and  purple shoelaces, is very very very very very very slim.

Second one: Week 25 was (very  very very very very very)²³ buzzy, and even today (Saterday) I had a whole day course. But yeah, we keep on smiling and as long as we can sing, isn't it? (Not that I can sing, it is just a matter of speaking, because if you want to hear me sing, I strongly suggest and advise you to go and get some very good earplug-thingies that are extra soundprove)

So...what's up for the rest? Well, NORMALLY, I only have 2 weeks of groundschool left. After that we'll start with the FNPT II (D42) simulator, then we'll have exams and I hope I'll be flying above the grand canyon or laying next to the swimmingpool at the beginning of September. (I sure hope everybody saw the 'normally'? I don't have 'flashing-neon-light-buttons' to surround the word, so I hope I made my point with the red color and the caps?)

Well, I hope that everybody is now fat and happy with the little update...
If not, well...to say it in pilot terms --> I don't give a sh*t!

Cheers! And cya next time...




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oh, looks like nothing has changed after the overtake of the canadians!?

Gepost door: tomvanhaute | 08-06-08

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