Last part of the "you know that you're a pilot when..."

-when the hotelclock says it's midnight, your body thinks it's noon, your watch says 4 o'clock, and your wife on the phone tells you it's 10 in the morning and the gardner didn't show up at 9 and she has to pick up the kids at 11. Your wake up call is at 0300Z and departure at 1500L. 
(JC Baus)
- you wish that the road map showed 4pm shadow and local elevation (Dan Bayley)
- 121.5 replaces 000 or 911 (Dan Bayley)
- you have ever tried to convince a police officer that you were not speeding in calibrated ground speed (Ryan Domenick)
- the altimeter in your car just never seems to work (David Reeves)
- you can recite the phonetic alphabet as fast and in the same tone/tune as the regular alphabet (Steve Blatter)
- every time your friends see a plane, they immediately ask you what kind it is (Jimmy Foley)
- you can't help spelling license plates in phonetical alphabet Alexandre Aboukhater)
- you refer to your city by it's airport's ICAO call sign, not the real name of the city (Lauren Steere Schmidt)
- you get upset during TV shows and movies showing airplane scenes - because they just can't do it right (Lauren Steere Schmidt)
- you have wx brief on speed dial (Kyle Nutt)
- you cause accidents because you see a flag and turn your controls "into the wind" (Daniel Kelly)
- when chicks ask you how long you can keep it up, you respond by asking 'with IFR reserves?" (Jonathan Gabbert)
- you know squawk has nothing to do with birds (Rose Berman)
- you wonder what plane you could take off from the road your driving on (Luke Snowdowne)
- you understand that Zero is a number and Oscar is a letter (Trevor Nelson)
- instead of "what" its "say again" (Lee Khan)
- you hold your hand on the clutch in your car like a throttle on the aircraft
- during a casual talk about navigation and ground speed checks, you just start laughing when someone asks how long a battery lasts on your E6-B (Ellen Bunn)
- you have a license plate frame that says "My Other Vehicle Is An Airplane" (Michael Hollis)
- when sitting in the passenger seat of a car, you feel very uneasy about not having your own set of controls (Samantha Ringhand)
- you book your flights according to aircraft, not times (Ben Fluth)
- you've named a family pet Piper, Cirrus, or any other manufacturer/callsign (David Readout)
- you have stickers like "dome lights", "fuel pump" or "master power" switch under light switches and things around your house (Kieran Truefitt)
- you enjoy telling people that you are a pilot in completely unpilot related discussions (Ian Gilmartin)
- your headset is in the top three most expensive things you own (Kyle Bornhorst)
- you listen to the weather and have to convert the winds from mph (km/h) into knots, them determine if it would be a good idea to go flying (Ellen Bunn)
- your mate says he is going to take his new car "for a spin" and you ask what recovery technique he prefers (Mat Sansom)
- whilst discussing skiing holidays and the fun to be had on the slopes, you consider it funny to say "The only slopes I have done recently are glideslopes," only for the entire room to go quiet and look at you with a look on non-comprehension (Chris Jephcott)
- you're being asked in a marketing test what PPR means and your only answer is Prior Permission Required (Alexandra Kallay)
- you cannot score in football or soccer - because you like to keep the ball in the middle (Carol 'de Solla Atkin)
- your desktop background is a picture form airliners.net (Julian McNamee)
- you store quality FAA reading material in your bathroom for that special time when duty calls (Collin Tice)
- when pulled over by cops, you take out your pilot license when asked to show your driving license (Rajendra Pratap)
- you see somebody driving with frost / snow on their vehicle and you think "That idiot has Critical Surface Contamination" (Andrew Wettlaufer)
- you try to fit in that you are a pilot in every conversation with someone you had just met (Kevin Horne)
- the first date involves dinner and a movie . . .in another state (Ryan Goff)
- you know what a $100 hamburger is and have had them on may occasions (Ryan Goff)

- you've read the entire list, and laugh your ass off cause you've done half of it, and can see yourself doing the other half (Ellen Bunn)

If you have other ones, pls don't hesitate to add them in the comments.

Have a nice flight

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Week 23

G'day everybody,

 I don't have much to say about week 23, but pic's will tell you so much more.

21 May we had our final test of Performance and afterwards Tom Poelman our instructor bought us all a drink. Cheers Tom!

(pic's are from Stephen)

From Left 2 right: Richard, Jan, Chris, Kristian 

Tom Poelman and Robert


Byron, Pascal, Raph, Laurent 

Bertje, Me, Christian, René, Tom

John, Bertje


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Kalitta crash

Sunday: my mum entres my room and says that there has been a crash on Zaventem. 2 minutes later I get an sms from Jan (prom student) that there has been a crash. I open my Messenger and I find 3 'offline' messenges from friends and collegues about the crash. 2 min later I get another sms about the crash. Everybody starts to talk to eachother on msn. This morning at school...guess what was the main subject to talk about?

Sun May 25, 4:31 PM ET

BRUSSELS (AFP) - An American-owned Boeing 747 cargo plane crashed as it took off at Brussels airport on Sunday and broke apart, but the five-strong crew escaped without injury, airport officials said.

The jumbo jet came to rest at the end of the runway some 500 metres (yards) from housing in the Brussels suburb of Zaventem after the crash, which occurred at 1130 GMT.

Local residents have long campaigned to have this particular runway shut down, and said the crash was entirely predictable.

The plane broke into three pieces, and stopped just metres short of electricity power cables.

The massive four-engined jet belonged to Kalitta Air, airport spokeswoman Tru Lefevere said.

Belgian TV reported that the plane was carrying diplomatic baggage belonging to the US Ambassador to Belgium, including a car and papers. The US embassy in Brussels refused to comment.

The five-strong crew were all Americans, and the plane was bound for the Gulf state of Bahrain, according to another airport official, Jan Van der Cruysse.

No obvious cause for the crash was immediately apparent and an inquiry has been opened.


In the noon, Jan and I went to get a look and Jan shot a couple of pic's.



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you know y're a pilot when... (part 2)

- your video library is full of aviation classics such as top gun, iron eagle, etc (Ashley Lemmer)
- you notice that all the ships on Star Trek actually have Nav Lights on them (Nathanial Beer)
- a nightmare is a dream about bad weather (Carol Cushman)
- you always dream you are flying (Ashley Lemmer)
- you don't think of weather as good, bad, or ugly, but rather as VFR, MVFR, or IFR (Jamie Hamilton)
- you blame the "crosswind" for every little thing (Matt Scheafer)
- you can tell you've gained some weight because your usual landing technique no longer results in the usual greasing it on the runway (Zack Scheidker)
- you call to pushback from the driveway and to taxi out to the street (Dustin Largin)
- you have white boards in every room and use them daily to randomly write acronyms to see if you still remember (Ashley Lemmer)
- you use the plotter on regular road maps; draw a straight line from point A to point B and find the appropriate roads closest to the said line (Ashley Lemmer)
- when a commoner asks for the WX, you always give it in METAR format (Ashley Lemmer)
- you never trust the weather person on tv, you always check AWOS or ATIS (Ashley Lemmer)
- you have ever answered your phone with your call (Joshua David Shackelford)
- you've ever been pulled over for driving on the centerline...and gotten away with it because you can explain (Jonathan Bullock)
- you've used "Suck, Squeeze, Bang, Blow" together and it wasn't sexual (Travis Rup)
- you include the compass direction when you give someone driving directions (Steve Andersen)
- you ask for Whiskey Delta Four Zero instead of WD-40 (Jamie Hamilton)
- you find something not working right in your car and you pull out the manual looking for the MEL to see if you can defer its maintenance (Andy Paluch)
- you constantly say "stand by" when someone asks you a question and you have to find the answer (Kevin Hathaway)
- you get in a car and wonder for a moment where the yoke is (Graham Widgery)
- when loading a car, you worry more about the weight of the load, rather than size, and how it will affect the performance (Rob Farmer)
- you want to buy a label maker to label broken things as "inop" (Jason Hanson)
- you attempt to do coordinated turns in your car, but end up either accelerating or braking (Malek Mezdour)
- you answer any request made of you with "roger" (Melanie M)
- you cringe every time on of your non pilot friends says "over and out" in the same sentence over the radio (Melanie M)
- you know the frequency and location of the local AM radio stations (Jonathan Thorne)
- you use 'disregard' and 'standby' in normal conversation (Sarah Pope)
- you remove ALL ice, snow, frost, and sometimes even dew from your car before using it (Jamie Hamilton)
- the smell of AVTUR makes you pause, inhale and smile (Tom Carter)
- you know the only real unit of distance is the Nautical Mile (Dan Bayley)

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week 20-21-22

I’m sorry that I’m a bit behind with the updates on my blog, but the last two weeks weren’t the easiest and free time was very rare. Sleep also. The work load the last two weeks was enormous and the NMBS thought it would be fun to cancel 4 times in 2 weeks time my train. Don’t you just love the public transport? And one of the NMBS their slogans is ‘Zonder stress naar het werk’ (go with no stress to your work)…yeah, right… I’m now looking for a kot, because after 5 months of this no-sleep-and-a-lot-of-work I’m fed up by it.  Anyway, I don’t have much to say about week 20. It was a short week because we had Thursday and Friday off. Labor and Ascension day. And it wouldn’t be SFA without a couple of tests, so instead to enjoy the sun and the warmth I was stuck inside with my beloving books of powerplant and meteo. Joy! 

In week 21 we had a lot of flight planning and for once we didn’t need the computer so Xavier our instructor had a marvelous idea. We had only excersises to do, and why not make them outside in the sun, next to the runway? After a while I looked like a lobster, but we had a nice morning after all J

Thursday we had a whole day briefing. Diamond 42 and the Garmin 1000. And if I say ‘a whole day’ I mean a ‘whole day’. We finished almost at 21h in the eve. Again, student power and motivation. The briefing was given by Paul Huyghe. I heard other students (SFA aswell as KLS) talk about that guy, and they where right, that guy is awesome!

 This week we had 2 more briefings about the DA 42 from Mr. Solheid, and our last lesson of performance. I’ll miss perfo…oki wait let me say it in a different way…I’ll miss the jokes and stories :-p

For the rest, what do we do when we have a break, and prom 8 can miss their rugbyball?



Cya all next time,


(ps: pic's are from Stephen)

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you know y're a pilot when:

- you would be more worried about losing your logbook than your first born child (Travis Rup)
- you reach into your pocket at a party and find a weight and balance printout (John Effinger)
- you do an instrument scan while driving (Dan Giacomini)
- you know that cumulonimbus is something that should be feared and respected (Travis Rup)
- you visually and verbally clear the intersection when the light turns green (Eric Smith)
- when giving directions, you give 270 instead of West (Adam Foote)
- you conduct a fuel drain test after getting gas in your car at a gas station (Greg Taylor)
- you see a UFO and think, "What a beautiful standing lenticular cloud!" (Jonathan Thorne)
- you play every video game with the controls 'inverted'... cause the default setting is WRONG, just wrong... (Tony Weaver)
- "affirmative" and "negative" replace "yes" and "no" in your conversations with your friends (Levi Oelrich)
- you avoid driving behind trucks and buses (Zafer Barutcuoglu)
- people avoid bringing up the weather for smalltalk with you anymore (Zafer Barutcuoglu)
- you see red lights up ahead while driving and use both feet to brake (Carol Cushman)
- while driving a car you almost pull on the emergency hand brake in an attempt to "add flaps" (Bryan Shirota)
- you set the radio in your car to the proper frequencies before driving anywhere (Jonathan Thorne)
- you start to find similarities between airplanes and the opposite sex and find airplanes the easier one to work with!!! (John Rushmore)
- the only books you own are jeppesen and other aviation materials (Ashley Lemmer)
- you know exactly what "Flying the Victor 181 from Gulf-Foxtrot-Kilo to Foxtrot-Alpha-Romeo" means (Eric Smith)
- you spell everything using the phonetic alphabet (Trevor Primett)
- people get confused when they look at your watch because it is set to zulu time (Nathanial Beer)
- you attempt to do coordinated turns in your car (Meredith Wills)
- when getting married you say "affirmative' instead of " I do" (Barry Hammarback)
- you pull back on the steering wheel of your car when you see a change in field elevation ahead (Emily Green)
- the first thing you do in the morning is look at the current METAR and TAF (Emily Green)
- you yell 'clear' before starting the car (Zack Scheidker)
- you've had a close call (while walking, driving, even flying) because you were watching an airplane (Zack Scheidker)
- you know the victor airway system in your state better than the highway system (Ted Henderson)
- whenever you get that glassy look on your face, you're thinking "Intake, Compression, Power, Exhaust" (Ted Henderson)
- you get turned on by the sound of an a/c engine (Ashley Lemmer)
- you would rather fly than to have sex (Ashley Lemmer)

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