Last part of the "you know that you're a pilot when..."

-when the hotelclock says it's midnight, your body thinks it's noon, your watch says 4 o'clock, and your wife on the phone tells you it's 10 in the morning and the gardner didn't show up at 9 and she has to pick up the kids at 11. Your wake up call is at 0300Z and departure at 1500L. 
(JC Baus)
- you wish that the road map showed 4pm shadow and local elevation (Dan Bayley)
- 121.5 replaces 000 or 911 (Dan Bayley)
- you have ever tried to convince a police officer that you were not speeding in calibrated ground speed (Ryan Domenick)
- the altimeter in your car just never seems to work (David Reeves)
- you can recite the phonetic alphabet as fast and in the same tone/tune as the regular alphabet (Steve Blatter)
- every time your friends see a plane, they immediately ask you what kind it is (Jimmy Foley)
- you can't help spelling license plates in phonetical alphabet Alexandre Aboukhater)
- you refer to your city by it's airport's ICAO call sign, not the real name of the city (Lauren Steere Schmidt)
- you get upset during TV shows and movies showing airplane scenes - because they just can't do it right (Lauren Steere Schmidt)
- you have wx brief on speed dial (Kyle Nutt)
- you cause accidents because you see a flag and turn your controls "into the wind" (Daniel Kelly)
- when chicks ask you how long you can keep it up, you respond by asking 'with IFR reserves?" (Jonathan Gabbert)
- you know squawk has nothing to do with birds (Rose Berman)
- you wonder what plane you could take off from the road your driving on (Luke Snowdowne)
- you understand that Zero is a number and Oscar is a letter (Trevor Nelson)
- instead of "what" its "say again" (Lee Khan)
- you hold your hand on the clutch in your car like a throttle on the aircraft
- during a casual talk about navigation and ground speed checks, you just start laughing when someone asks how long a battery lasts on your E6-B (Ellen Bunn)
- you have a license plate frame that says "My Other Vehicle Is An Airplane" (Michael Hollis)
- when sitting in the passenger seat of a car, you feel very uneasy about not having your own set of controls (Samantha Ringhand)
- you book your flights according to aircraft, not times (Ben Fluth)
- you've named a family pet Piper, Cirrus, or any other manufacturer/callsign (David Readout)
- you have stickers like "dome lights", "fuel pump" or "master power" switch under light switches and things around your house (Kieran Truefitt)
- you enjoy telling people that you are a pilot in completely unpilot related discussions (Ian Gilmartin)
- your headset is in the top three most expensive things you own (Kyle Bornhorst)
- you listen to the weather and have to convert the winds from mph (km/h) into knots, them determine if it would be a good idea to go flying (Ellen Bunn)
- your mate says he is going to take his new car "for a spin" and you ask what recovery technique he prefers (Mat Sansom)
- whilst discussing skiing holidays and the fun to be had on the slopes, you consider it funny to say "The only slopes I have done recently are glideslopes," only for the entire room to go quiet and look at you with a look on non-comprehension (Chris Jephcott)
- you're being asked in a marketing test what PPR means and your only answer is Prior Permission Required (Alexandra Kallay)
- you cannot score in football or soccer - because you like to keep the ball in the middle (Carol 'de Solla Atkin)
- your desktop background is a picture form airliners.net (Julian McNamee)
- you store quality FAA reading material in your bathroom for that special time when duty calls (Collin Tice)
- when pulled over by cops, you take out your pilot license when asked to show your driving license (Rajendra Pratap)
- you see somebody driving with frost / snow on their vehicle and you think "That idiot has Critical Surface Contamination" (Andrew Wettlaufer)
- you try to fit in that you are a pilot in every conversation with someone you had just met (Kevin Horne)
- the first date involves dinner and a movie . . .in another state (Ryan Goff)
- you know what a $100 hamburger is and have had them on may occasions (Ryan Goff)

- you've read the entire list, and laugh your ass off cause you've done half of it, and can see yourself doing the other half (Ellen Bunn)

If you have other ones, pls don't hesitate to add them in the comments.

Have a nice flight

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Hilarious :P
I'm not a pilote, but I can imagine how it would be like...


Gepost door: Abigaile | 31-05-08

you know your a pilot ; if you're always looking around for fields where you can make an emergency landing, while you're driving your car

Gepost door: tom | 08-06-08

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