Kalitta crash

Sunday: my mum entres my room and says that there has been a crash on Zaventem. 2 minutes later I get an sms from Jan (prom student) that there has been a crash. I open my Messenger and I find 3 'offline' messenges from friends and collegues about the crash. 2 min later I get another sms about the crash. Everybody starts to talk to eachother on msn. This morning at school...guess what was the main subject to talk about?

Sun May 25, 4:31 PM ET

BRUSSELS (AFP) - An American-owned Boeing 747 cargo plane crashed as it took off at Brussels airport on Sunday and broke apart, but the five-strong crew escaped without injury, airport officials said.

The jumbo jet came to rest at the end of the runway some 500 metres (yards) from housing in the Brussels suburb of Zaventem after the crash, which occurred at 1130 GMT.

Local residents have long campaigned to have this particular runway shut down, and said the crash was entirely predictable.

The plane broke into three pieces, and stopped just metres short of electricity power cables.

The massive four-engined jet belonged to Kalitta Air, airport spokeswoman Tru Lefevere said.

Belgian TV reported that the plane was carrying diplomatic baggage belonging to the US Ambassador to Belgium, including a car and papers. The US embassy in Brussels refused to comment.

The five-strong crew were all Americans, and the plane was bound for the Gulf state of Bahrain, according to another airport official, Jan Van der Cruysse.

No obvious cause for the crash was immediately apparent and an inquiry has been opened.


In the noon, Jan and I went to get a look and Jan shot a couple of pic's.



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haha, ik heb hem ook gezien en = kapot eh :D niet meer te zeggen .

Gepost door: joris | 26-05-08

Ben zondagmiddag gaan kijken, en deze middag weer.
Bijna 30 jaar oud die bak, moest er vroeg of laat van komen zeker? O_o

Gepost door: Tom | 27-05-08

Hi Tom,
Ouderdom bij een vliegtuig speelt eigenlijk geen zo'n rol, wel de manier waarop het onderhouden wordt.
Laten we het onderzoek afwachten, vooraleer conclusies te trekken.



Gepost door: Michel Vandaele | 28-05-08

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