you know y're a pilot when... (part 2)

- your video library is full of aviation classics such as top gun, iron eagle, etc (Ashley Lemmer)
- you notice that all the ships on Star Trek actually have Nav Lights on them (Nathanial Beer)
- a nightmare is a dream about bad weather (Carol Cushman)
- you always dream you are flying (Ashley Lemmer)
- you don't think of weather as good, bad, or ugly, but rather as VFR, MVFR, or IFR (Jamie Hamilton)
- you blame the "crosswind" for every little thing (Matt Scheafer)
- you can tell you've gained some weight because your usual landing technique no longer results in the usual greasing it on the runway (Zack Scheidker)
- you call to pushback from the driveway and to taxi out to the street (Dustin Largin)
- you have white boards in every room and use them daily to randomly write acronyms to see if you still remember (Ashley Lemmer)
- you use the plotter on regular road maps; draw a straight line from point A to point B and find the appropriate roads closest to the said line (Ashley Lemmer)
- when a commoner asks for the WX, you always give it in METAR format (Ashley Lemmer)
- you never trust the weather person on tv, you always check AWOS or ATIS (Ashley Lemmer)
- you have ever answered your phone with your call (Joshua David Shackelford)
- you've ever been pulled over for driving on the centerline...and gotten away with it because you can explain (Jonathan Bullock)
- you've used "Suck, Squeeze, Bang, Blow" together and it wasn't sexual (Travis Rup)
- you include the compass direction when you give someone driving directions (Steve Andersen)
- you ask for Whiskey Delta Four Zero instead of WD-40 (Jamie Hamilton)
- you find something not working right in your car and you pull out the manual looking for the MEL to see if you can defer its maintenance (Andy Paluch)
- you constantly say "stand by" when someone asks you a question and you have to find the answer (Kevin Hathaway)
- you get in a car and wonder for a moment where the yoke is (Graham Widgery)
- when loading a car, you worry more about the weight of the load, rather than size, and how it will affect the performance (Rob Farmer)
- you want to buy a label maker to label broken things as "inop" (Jason Hanson)
- you attempt to do coordinated turns in your car, but end up either accelerating or braking (Malek Mezdour)
- you answer any request made of you with "roger" (Melanie M)
- you cringe every time on of your non pilot friends says "over and out" in the same sentence over the radio (Melanie M)
- you know the frequency and location of the local AM radio stations (Jonathan Thorne)
- you use 'disregard' and 'standby' in normal conversation (Sarah Pope)
- you remove ALL ice, snow, frost, and sometimes even dew from your car before using it (Jamie Hamilton)
- the smell of AVTUR makes you pause, inhale and smile (Tom Carter)
- you know the only real unit of distance is the Nautical Mile (Dan Bayley)

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when the hotelclock says it's midnight, your body thinks it's noon, your watch says 4 o'clock, and your wife on the phone tells you it's 10 in the morning and the gardner didn't show up at 9 and she has to pick up the kids at 11. Your wake up call is at 0300Z and departure at 1500L.

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Hihi, a pilot's life... :-p

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