week 20-21-22

I’m sorry that I’m a bit behind with the updates on my blog, but the last two weeks weren’t the easiest and free time was very rare. Sleep also. The work load the last two weeks was enormous and the NMBS thought it would be fun to cancel 4 times in 2 weeks time my train. Don’t you just love the public transport? And one of the NMBS their slogans is ‘Zonder stress naar het werk’ (go with no stress to your work)…yeah, right… I’m now looking for a kot, because after 5 months of this no-sleep-and-a-lot-of-work I’m fed up by it.  Anyway, I don’t have much to say about week 20. It was a short week because we had Thursday and Friday off. Labor and Ascension day. And it wouldn’t be SFA without a couple of tests, so instead to enjoy the sun and the warmth I was stuck inside with my beloving books of powerplant and meteo. Joy! 

In week 21 we had a lot of flight planning and for once we didn’t need the computer so Xavier our instructor had a marvelous idea. We had only excersises to do, and why not make them outside in the sun, next to the runway? After a while I looked like a lobster, but we had a nice morning after all J

Thursday we had a whole day briefing. Diamond 42 and the Garmin 1000. And if I say ‘a whole day’ I mean a ‘whole day’. We finished almost at 21h in the eve. Again, student power and motivation. The briefing was given by Paul Huyghe. I heard other students (SFA aswell as KLS) talk about that guy, and they where right, that guy is awesome!

 This week we had 2 more briefings about the DA 42 from Mr. Solheid, and our last lesson of performance. I’ll miss perfo…oki wait let me say it in a different way…I’ll miss the jokes and stories :-p

For the rest, what do we do when we have a break, and prom 8 can miss their rugbyball?



Cya all next time,


(ps: pic's are from Stephen)

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seems fun lol plezier lachos rofl .......

Gepost door: Yannick | 17-05-08

seems summervacationcamp ..............3lke I said SEEMS ......!!

Gepost door: Alex Bogert | 17-05-08

good that you repeated the 'seems' dad...grmble...maybe u can write that sentince again when i'm in the USA but then without the repeating of the 'seems' :-D

Gepost door: 3lke | 17-05-08

3lke wrote: "I was stuck inside with my beloving books of powerplant and meteo."

Powerplant? Like spinach? xD


Gepost door: Floesje | 19-05-08

@floesje: my sweet little sister, i found the perfect nick for you: I wish I had qualities like sympathy, fidelity, sobriety, sincerity, humility. Instead I got lunacy!

Gepost door: 3lke | 19-05-08

watch out missy, or I will attack you with spinach! *snert*

Gepost door: Floesje | 21-05-08

*roll eyes* :-p zussemus flip je maar een beetje verder op uw examens....

and a snert back

Gepost door: 3lke | 22-05-08

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