you know y're a pilot when:

- you would be more worried about losing your logbook than your first born child (Travis Rup)
- you reach into your pocket at a party and find a weight and balance printout (John Effinger)
- you do an instrument scan while driving (Dan Giacomini)
- you know that cumulonimbus is something that should be feared and respected (Travis Rup)
- you visually and verbally clear the intersection when the light turns green (Eric Smith)
- when giving directions, you give 270 instead of West (Adam Foote)
- you conduct a fuel drain test after getting gas in your car at a gas station (Greg Taylor)
- you see a UFO and think, "What a beautiful standing lenticular cloud!" (Jonathan Thorne)
- you play every video game with the controls 'inverted'... cause the default setting is WRONG, just wrong... (Tony Weaver)
- "affirmative" and "negative" replace "yes" and "no" in your conversations with your friends (Levi Oelrich)
- you avoid driving behind trucks and buses (Zafer Barutcuoglu)
- people avoid bringing up the weather for smalltalk with you anymore (Zafer Barutcuoglu)
- you see red lights up ahead while driving and use both feet to brake (Carol Cushman)
- while driving a car you almost pull on the emergency hand brake in an attempt to "add flaps" (Bryan Shirota)
- you set the radio in your car to the proper frequencies before driving anywhere (Jonathan Thorne)
- you start to find similarities between airplanes and the opposite sex and find airplanes the easier one to work with!!! (John Rushmore)
- the only books you own are jeppesen and other aviation materials (Ashley Lemmer)
- you know exactly what "Flying the Victor 181 from Gulf-Foxtrot-Kilo to Foxtrot-Alpha-Romeo" means (Eric Smith)
- you spell everything using the phonetic alphabet (Trevor Primett)
- people get confused when they look at your watch because it is set to zulu time (Nathanial Beer)
- you attempt to do coordinated turns in your car (Meredith Wills)
- when getting married you say "affirmative' instead of " I do" (Barry Hammarback)
- you pull back on the steering wheel of your car when you see a change in field elevation ahead (Emily Green)
- the first thing you do in the morning is look at the current METAR and TAF (Emily Green)
- you yell 'clear' before starting the car (Zack Scheidker)
- you've had a close call (while walking, driving, even flying) because you were watching an airplane (Zack Scheidker)
- you know the victor airway system in your state better than the highway system (Ted Henderson)
- whenever you get that glassy look on your face, you're thinking "Intake, Compression, Power, Exhaust" (Ted Henderson)
- you get turned on by the sound of an a/c engine (Ashley Lemmer)
- you would rather fly than to have sex (Ashley Lemmer)

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jawadde Heb ze allemaal gelezen en ik zie u echt al zoveel van die dingen doen he.. :p

Dikke kus

Gepost door: Dimi | 13-05-08

@broer: Lol :-p

if there are other pilots who'll add something to the list...let me know...

Gepost door: 3lke | 13-05-08

ps: i shorten the list a bit, otherwise it's to long...i'll put 30 quotes every week...easier to read ;-)

Gepost door: 3lke | 13-05-08

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