week 19

G’eve Y’all, 

Damn, this week was awesome! Where to start? Maybe just with the beginning to keep it simple J 

Monday and Tuesday were pretty normal days but Wednesday, Thursday and today (Friday) were not that ‘normal’ at all :-p Wednesday we had the first two hours Principles of Flight (till 1100) and then we were free till 1430 because we had the ‘Brussels Airport behind the screens’ on our program. But yeah what to do with all that free time in between? We just plugged one of our laptops in and then we had a first class cinema J And in the meanwhile we still can learn a bit and we can’t get annoyed by people who eat there chips or popcorn to loud or with that “way-to-big-guy-in-front-of-you-so-you-can’t-see-a-damn-thing!”


After the movie it was time to go to the airport but like y'all know, free parking at the airport doesn’t exist. We decide to drop our cars at the delhaize and go by bus because we can go free with our Airport badges.




In the tour we went to the baggage-sorting-thingie and the crisis-centre but unfortunately I had to give my camera to the securing agent because no pictures were allowed to take. Still, I could take some pictures in the public area's.


The following two pictures are my favorite! 8 of my 'little boys'. Ain't they cute? They grow up so quickely :'-(  Luckely there was no single person in the hall to see them like that :-p




Next day, Thursday, we had our second FNPT II briefing given by P. Solheid. I find him one of the best instructors till now. He explains everything very well and completely different then other instructors. After the briefing we had some patati and patata and thereafter we went to Belgocontrol to visit the tower.


I think everybody his reaction was the same as mine if you entred the tower. The only word that you get over your lips the first seconds is 'WAAUW'. Damn, what a view! I wish I had an appartement with a view like that. Those guys are living a dream. Oki, as a pilot your 'view' is also very nice, but still...We could see everything! It was just amazing.




The next part of Thursday was also pretty cool. Because we didn't had class on Friday morning and we decided to go out with the whole prom. Everybody was +- between 2100 and 1030 at the kot of the Maltese.



We went all out in Leuven and had a great time. But for a couple of us at 0400 it was enough and the half of the group went home, I was among them. When the others came home they had a flower with them, for me. Even though the flower had only 2 yellow leaves left, I was happy with it ;-) Thx guys!


For the next pictures there will be three guys who will love to kill me...but yeah can't help it...

There wasn't that much room available, they were (half) drunk and I refused to share my little bank with them and unless somebody was willing to sleep on the floor...


Aren't they sweet when they are asleep?  


Cya all next week and keep on flying!

 btw: Sam I hope ur happy with the extra pcitures ;-)


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I think I was crossing EBBR CTR around the same time... We could flew just overhead. Do you have any picture from a white cessna with an S-tail?
See ya

Gepost door: Karl | 25-04-08

free parking at the airport doesn’t exist... Free parking exists if you have a badge...

Gepost door: TrHrXR | 25-04-08

@Karl: srry can't remember and nope, i didn't take pic's from a cessna.

Gepost door: 3lke | 26-04-08

looks very professional prom 7...

Gepost door: prom 6 | 28-04-08

thx ;-) at least we have some fun :-p

Gepost door: 3lke | 29-04-08

Nice Nice pics ;-)

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Gepost door: 3lke | 03-05-08

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