Week 18

Hi all,

Week 18…the week after the famous briefings. I don’t know of it is due to that briefing or not but this week there were more people late then in the previous weeks, or maybe there’s just something in the drinking H2O at Sabena. Anyway, in general week 18 was a pretty nice and good week and the week started with something fun. We had our FMS workshop.  For the pedestrians who’re reading my blog : Ever wondered what happened to Flight Engineers and Navigators in the civilian aircrafts? Well, due to the FMS they are kicked out of the airplanes. FMS stands for ‘Flight Management System’ and it is a computerized component in the airplane that assists pilots in navigation, flight planning and aircraft control functions and performance.  To continue my little story:  In groups of 2 or 3 we were introduced to this lovely computer who will make our lives much easier. We stared with 2 very old documentary movies about the FMS and after that we had to prepare our flight to Ostend. In the FMS-trainer room of SFA our instructor explained the basic and most important things about the FMS and we made the little flight to Ostend. 5 minutes before our landing the computer crashed so we had to stay 2 hours more, to check the last 5 minutes together with group 3. Staying 2 hours longer for those last 5 minutes was a waste of time, but I enjoyed the workshop very much. J  After the workshop we had the final exam of radio navigation in group. (I love teamwork :-p )( I tried to make some pictures of our FMS-trainer at Sabena but my camera wasn’t in a very good mood and just to annoy me he decided not to work to hard that day)   


This week we had our last lessons of Airlaw and psycho.  We are finished with: physiology, electricity, radio navigation, mass and balance, airlaw, psychology and basic radio. Next week we’ll have a tour:  ‘Brussels Airport behind the screens’ and we are going to visit Belgocontrol as well. I can’t wait and I hope my camera will be a bit less moody then this week or I’ll have to kick him out and replace him.  

Big kiss and keep on flying, 



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Do u also go on Wednesday for the Aiport tour?

Gepost door: Karl | 19-04-08

yep, from 1430 till 1730

Gepost door: 3lke | 20-04-08

Ok, we have from 9:30 till 12
Enjoy the visit :)

Gepost door: Karl | 20-04-08

Hi Elke!

I've read your blog and have enjoyed it! Two weeks ago I went to Brussels for my medical test. Now I'm waiting for the results and I hope I can start with the selection tests in July, so maybe I can start at SFA in September. I will read your blog every week, and hopefully one day I'll have my own blog, because becoming a pilot is a dream that I have since I was very young.


Gepost door: Hans | 20-04-08

@Karl: you too :-)
@Hans: Hi, If you have questions about the selectiontest you now where to find me :-) But for the class of september? I think that will be not possible anymore, the class is (almost) full and there are selections the end of this month, so the guys who'll be in that selectiongroup will go in september and november.


Gepost door: 3lke | 20-04-08

Are you also delayed like the other promotion? I was planning to do my selection test but lately I only here bad things about SFA. Is it going down there?

Gepost door: Bart | 22-04-08

Well yeah, due to the delays of promotion 6 we'll have also a delay, but I don't think we'll have such a big delay as prom 6...well i hope... It's not that fun at all, but yeah i hope we'll have vacation then bc we're all tired like hell.

Gepost door: 3lke | 22-04-08

Little update for the classes,
July (places available)
September (completed)
November (places available)
As that far the update

Grtz Joris (prom 9)

Gepost door: joris | 23-04-08

Thx Joris...keep me posted ;-)

Gepost door: 3lke | 23-04-08

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