week 16-17


I skipped again a week on my blog. I kicked week 16 out because it was such a wasted week. Normally we have -+ 35 hours in a week, and week 16 only counted 15 hours. There didn’t happened things that are worth mentioning and it was actually just a boring week. Week 17 was the whole opposite of week 16! Busy, busy and busy! And a lot happened. Monday we were scheduled for a physio test, what would have been very normal but there was a little catch :-p We finished physio months ago…Due to that mistake we had 1hour off at 11h. We wanted to go and play billiard somewhere but there is no single café or whatever in the neighborhood with a pooltable. Then we decided to go and eat somewhere but at 11h there isn’t much open, so eventually we wasted the whole hour driving in circles and the half of the group ‘landed’ at the Airport to eat something and the others in Belgocontrol.

Wednesday we had two briefings: the first ‘observation flights’ and the second ‘internal regulations’.
The Obs. Briefing came a bit late. Normally a prom gets that briefing in the second or third week and we are already busy with the training from November. Not that we cared so much about it because me and 3 others of my prom already did an obs flight without the briefing. (see blog a month ago)  For the guys who don’t know what an observation flight is: At the very little library of the school there’s a very big writing case with all the dates, destinations and flights from Jetair, Thomas Cook and Luxair. (SN and VLM under construction) You just pick a flight you would like to do (or toss a coin), and fill it in on a paper that you then handover to the administration who will call/mail the company. They will then ask the captain of he/she wants to be so kind to lend the jump seat to the ‘rookie’ who wants to do the obs flight. Meaning that you will be a member of the crew and you will do everything what the pilots do…well not everything, u’r not allowed to fly, to bad ;-p. But for the rest, you have to be at the crew room 2 hours in advance just like the pilots and other crew. You will get also a copy of the flight plan and together with the Capt. or FO you check the weather, fuel, notam’s, taf’s, etc…With the crew you go to the A/C and luckily your job isn’t only ‘watch and observe’. If you are lucky you can do the communications and some other little stuff as well. It’s strange that we’re the only school that has a procedure to do such flights because they are fun to do and you not only learn a lot on those flights you also can see/feel how it is to be a ‘real’ pilot and how an average day of a pilot looks like.  In the noon we had then the ‘internal regulations briefing’ what is actually a very advanced, upgraded word for ‘school rules’. The briefing was very childish. The two mean points:                                                                                                                                                                     
  1. Be in time!
    Yeah Duh!!!!!! A student (nobody knows who) went to the CGI to tell-tail that there are sometimes people late in the class and that’s not a good pilot attitude and patati and patata…I fully agree but the attitude of being a tell-tail as a pilot for such childish things I find much more disturbing then somebody who’s late because of traffic jam or a bloody train that has been delayed. For the guy who did 
    à grow up!
  2. Don’t stand for the coffee machines at the second floor.
    Some pilots (pilots who rent a sim) have complained that the students are sometimes standing for the coffee machine and that it takes a while before all the 16 guys of a prom have there coffee, so that the pilots who rent a sim (they only have a break of 10 min) don’t have there coffee in time. Blinkblink Euhmmm, hello! You all have a mouth to talk, use it or if you are to shy to ask a bunch of trainingstudents to get out the way because you will otherwise get a hartattack, a nervouse-breakdown or maybe eventually die due to the lack of caffeine, go the the first floor to get a coffee. (I always thought that the psycho kicked shy people out in the selection fases, but apparently I'm wrong)
Today we had a part of the FNPT II briefing. The sim of the Diamond 42 in which we’ll start to fly in hopefully a month. The Diamond DA42 Twin Star is a four seat, twin engine, propeller-driven airplane manufactured by Diamond Aircraft Industries. DA42g 

DiamondDA-42TwinStarN131TSInstrumentPanel  Also

Diamond DA 42 Twin Star instrument panel showing the garmin G1000 glass cockpit installation  

Prom 9 started today. We didn’t saw them yet but it will be very crowdie at the third floor with 4 proms (+- 64 people), next Monday.   Cya’ll next time… Fly!


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64 piloten die allemaal een job gaan moeten hebben... dat wordt nog spannend binnen een jaar.

Hopelijk raakt prom 6 weg eer prom 10 begint, of het worden er 80 op die verdieping. Klein capaciteitsprobleempje.

Je hebt wel gelijk hoor met je opmerkingen over de school rules. Ik zou het zaggen, pak het niet zo serieus op. Probeer vanaf het begin van de opleiding de juiste attitude te hanteren (ja uiteraard zijn er die uitzonderlijke noodgevallen waar begrip voor opgebracht moet worden), dus op tijd komen, uniform in orde, beleefd/galant, aandacht voor een ander, volwassen gedrag, ... Bij jou is dat geen probleem, maar bij sommigen zal die briefing hopelijk het nodige belletje doen rinkelen. Spijtig en frustrerend voor zij die steeds in orde zijn dat ze steeds met die herhaaldelijke "kleuterklasbriefings" afkomen en nooit gaan buitensmijen daarvoor (= geld kwijt voor SFA).


Gepost door: Xavier | 12-04-08

This is a very good comment! I think 70% of the students think like that but its the 30% who makes the trouble for everybody. I really thought that the selectiontest would take out this kind of people... no I think differently. Anyway I start with SFA and I will finisch with SFA but I people ask me if I'm happy about the training.. well you get an answer..

Gepost door: sfa'er | 13-04-08

Hey elke, geloof me die kleuterbriefings komen zelfs nog terug bij belgische carriers! Toen ik begon werden we ook meer dan 1 attent gemaakt op die dingen ! (dat werkte ook meer dan eens op mijn zenuwen) en be on time-be before time das een regel die je bijna wekelijks rond de oren zullen vliegen ;-) (zelfs ik zet nu nog drie wekkers uit schrik om me te overslapen en schiet soms snachts om drie uur wakker met het idee dat ik moet opstaan! terwijl ik...nog een uurtje kan slapen) Ik zou zeggen, ene oor in andere oor uit, en je niet teveel ergeren aan al die shit...ga me klaarmaken om te vliegen...volgende week verstuur ik alles naar sfa :-) en hopelijks loop ik daar binnekort mee de tweede verdieping over te bevolken...

Gepost door: saskia | 13-04-08

yeah, it's maybe true that such a briefing is good for a couple of those guys but it's then up to the CGI to call them to his office or to give them a pink (or was it yellow?) paper in there file. To waste a whole briefing to it..djeezes. Just a mail with 'be in time' and 'don't stand for the coffee machines bc there are some poor shy pilots who are to afraid to ask if you would pls be so kind to move 2 steps away from the machine or of they can get there coffee before u bc otherwise he will have nothing drink' would have been enough. Well, i think the CGI thinks the same but yeah, it's his job to do it, no?
Anyway, we have now a collum extra on our attendency sheet. In that collum the instructors have to write the names from the people who are to late. I was not a single day late at sfa from the start and off course the law of murphy slips in...the first day that that new paper was there my train had a delay of 8 min. so i missed my connection in Leuven. I had to call somebody of my prom to come and get me otherwise i would have to wait 1h03 min to get at the airport. Not that there would be any shuttle left...To get to the school without a car is almost impossible.

With 80 at the third floor? No *** way....I really hope prom 6 will be kicked out of the groundschool by then and will have there lazy *** next to the swimmingpool or in the sky above the grand canyon...but i'm 100% sure they think and hope that too :-p

@Saskia: yeah, i know...and i think you mean 'third floor' ;-) Have a nice flight this noon :-) and i hope to see ya soon at sfa, there aren't enough girls on the floor :-)

Gepost door: 3lke | 13-04-08

"Spijtig en frustrerend voor zij die steeds in orde zijn dat ze steeds met die herhaaldelijke "kleuterklasbriefings" afkomen en nooit gaan buitensmijen daarvoor (= geld kwijt voor SFA). "

Nice to see that SFA still hasn't acted on this. I'm very happy with my training + instructors, it has landed me a job within 2 months, but the refusal to act upon this was a major let-down for me. (we did have a few Briefings about us not being mice to the staff though...)

Enjoy your training, don't let those few spoil it for you!

Gepost door: ex-sfa'er 2005-2007 | 14-04-08


Don't worry i'm not going to let such guys spoil the fun! And luckeliy i don't think in my prom it's such a big problem. But in general there are some guys at school and i really don't know how they got through the psycho-selection test. I know...sfa let some of them through (=money!) but still...it's very disturbing.

Gepost door: 3lke | 14-04-08

zoals voorspeld,

vandaag (dinsdag 25 april) stond +- heel de gang van het derde vol met studenten.
Maar ja ...

grtz Joris (Prom 9)

Gepost door: Joris | 15-04-08

yeah, those guys from prom 9 are the ones to blame :-p

Gepost door: 3lke | 17-04-08

funny :) ik loop denk ik een paar dagen achter...bij mij is het vandaag nog maar 19 april...scary :s

Gepost door: Floesje | 19-04-08

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