Week 14-15

G’eve everybody,

I know, I know, I didn’t wrote anything about week 14, and y’all are dying to get some news of me…I can understand that, but time, time, time…Oki, that’s maybe not completely true… ‘Only a part of the truth’ JDC would say.
Week 15 was pretty relaxed so I would have been able to write something about week 14, but I didn’t. Why? Because nothing very extreme, worth noting, I-have-to-tell-my-blog-readers-that, happened. It was just a normal week. A normal week that only has two little thingies, and that was our first lesson of communication and the fact that we’ll have Stijn for the rest of Airlaw. (The prom is pretty pleased with that fact.) 
For the rest like I said, we’d a normal week, with normal days, which’re always starting at abnormal hours, +- 5 o’clock and if I’m home at 04.50, that hour is for normal, reasonable teenag…, I mean “twenty-agers” the middle of the night! If  that ****** alarm goes off at that hour I ask myself the same questions as I did when I was in high school:

a. Which day is it?
b. What are the consequences of that day?c. How to avoid them? But then I realize that the alarm is going off so I can jump into my uniform – very cool because now I don’t have the ‘what-should-I-wear-today-game’, and go to SFA, what would pretty awesome if I wouldn’t have such a “lovely” morning mood. But with a free-cup-of-hot-choco that is always waiting at me at SFA, my ‘sunny’ morning mood doesn’t stay for very long.

Sorry, I kind of lost of track…Where was I? Oh right, ‘normal’ week…Good well so week 14 is closed…lets go further to week 15. Week 15 was pretty relaxed like I told in the beginning. We did a bit of Airlaw, Meteo, Mass and Balance, a lot of Gen. Nav and a bit of paintball…Yep, u read it correctly, paintball. Thursday we had nothing to do for once – except some of us had a test, me included- and after the test, the guys of Malta came and pick me up, (aren’t they sweet :-p ) and then we drove to Merchtem. We were with 10 of our prom and we’d a great time. The day after everybody had black-purple-green-yellow-and-all-colors-of-the-rainbow-spots on their bodies but nobody cared for it. We had fun, that’s what count.  

Some Did-u-knows: 
  • We all miss Catherine Bernier like hell?  And I mean really-really-really miss her.
  • We also miss Tom Van Laetem!
  • We’ll have our observation flight briefing next week and our internal regulation briefing.
  • Already 4 of us did an observation flight, and we’re now at SFA for 4 months and 3 days, so what a perfect timing to give such briefings. *roll eyes*
  • We only had to search for our sandwiches twice!!! New record!
  • We want that Catherine comes back.
  • I finally have almost my full uniform, only 2 trousers to go.
  • I found an old postcard of Sabena that was from the mother of the mother of my mother, or simply my grand-grandmother. (see below)
  • We have new BFC equipment. (see below)
  • That we want to know when Catherine is coming back?
  • That we have sometimes course in the weekend, like we’d today?
  • That some of my ‘pupils’ have their final briefing next week and that they better can make that they pass. (hint!)
  • SFA is fun!
  • Flying also!
  • The houses become smaller if ya pull the yoke?
  • That according to our instructor of POH/Jeppesen an Avro isn’t a plane.
  • That it isn’t healthy if the houses become unwanted, too big.
  • We want Tom Van Leatem back.
  • Gravity sucks.
  Questions of this week: 
  • When is Catherine coming back?
  • Where’s Tom Van Laetem right now?
  • Why do we have only 10 fingers?
  • When is Catherine coming back?
  • When will we leave to the USA?
  • Who’ll be in group A and who in B?
  • Wouldn’t it be easier if we’d a third eye at the back of our head?
  • When is Catherine coming back?

Cya ya guys next time…


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Week 13

G’noon all,


I’d a great week, lots of fun, and yeah, oki, lots of studying also. There’re at least two progress checks every week, so free time is worth gold. Yesterday I took a ‘day off’. Why? Because this little girl became 20 and I really didn't want to celebrate that with Radio Nav. or Meteo.

This week we were introduced to ‘Operational Procedures’, OPS. It’s given by the same instructor as Mass & balance, Matthias Van de Kerchove. His openings sentence was ‘Welcome to the most boring course of them all and be prepared to fall asleep.”  But we did everything, accept fall asleep! It’s was damn funny! Ok, the course itself is b-o-r-i-n-g like hell, but luckily Matthias tells a lot of stories and they’re all funny like hell. The same for Perfo, with Tom Poelman, the stories are awesome!’ …and with ‘awesome’ and ‘funny like hell’, I mean ‘rolling-on-the-floor-laughing-with-a-painfull-stomach-because-u-can’t-stop’. Djee, I so love SFA!! I would tell a couple of those stories if I could, but ‘What happens in the cockpit, stays in the cockpit’. In the first course of OPS we had a bit of a safety briefing, given by Christian my Spanish Prom mate. And I think you can guess it…it was funny like hell!


Next week we’ll have our last course of ‘Airlaw 1’, and believe it or not, I think I’ll miss it. Airlaw is given by Stijn and that guy really deserves a ‘pluimke’ because he actually succeeded to make such a ******* course interesting.


For the rest, what’s on the pic’s below?


The first pic, is ‘Pistache’…our class-fly. Pistache is a very silent and a bit shy fly who’s I think a year old. He never ever leaves his be loving spot on the window. Pistache was already there when we came and I think he will still be there when we leave again. I love that little bastard and I sure will miss that little fellow.



Next picture: our noisy-but-we-can’t-miss-them-anymore guys from Malta.



The 4 pic’s below are all Christian who’s making an effort not to be disturbed by our laughs and the flashes of the cameras, while he’s trying to do a safety briefing. Matthias is helping him to fasten the belt of the life jacket, while he’s also trying to be serious and not to laugh.  Too bad I didn’t take a picture while he was explaining how an oxygen mask works…

Poor Christian,…




Good that was it for today, hope to see ya’ll next week,



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First Observation Flight

Hi All, 

TF1 F100/100  JAF 6003 BRU 0515 0810 AGP J  JAF 6004 AGP 0850 1140 BRU J 

I’m just back from my first observation flight. It was with Jetair on the Fokker 100, destination Malaga and it was the last day that that Bird was operative. That’s actually the reason why I choose the Fokker flight and not the NG flight. Time enough for me to see the NG but now I still can say that I made a trip with the F100.

At 04.30 I was waiting in the crew room for my Capt. and FO. I received the flight plan and looked at it as if it was Chinees. 30 min later the Capt. came in and he asked of I understood what was on those papers. I answered ‘no’ and he said “Don’t worry, I fly now for more then 30 years and I don’t understand it either”, he blinked too me and he started to explain what was on those papers. It’s actually not that hard but all those abbreviations makes it difficult to understand. We checked together the weather and fuel and the other stuff that has to be done before flight. The FO came and also the steward and the stewardess. Funny group all together.

Take off at 06.15 and we landed around 08.50, 20 min earlier then expected (tailwind ;-) ) It was a nice trip and they explained a lot. Breakfast was njammie and also the meal at noon. In Malaga I did the walk-around together with the FO, and I was very pleased that he took the time to explain me everything he had to check.  

The flight back was funny too, the only thing was that we went from nice weather back to cloudy Belgium. Well yeah, at least I saw the Spanish sun for 30 min. Or is that the same sun as ours?

I’m very happy with the trip, and it’s also a good motivation-boost. I can’t wait to plan a next observation flight! Below some pic’s of the trip… 

Cya all next week… 

PS: I know that I didn’t wrote something about week 11 and 12, but nothing very interessting happened.
PPS: Only that the Maltese guys went back to MaltaThursday eve, so Friday it was for once very silent in the class and meteo was finished 40 min earlier because there where no “Maltese-questions”.
PPPS: No hard feelings guys, I still love u all ;-)

PPPPS: No Byron I’m very sorry I didn’t cry Friday, but if it makes u feel better, I sure missed you all :p

Fokker 100 







Yep, even in Spain they have IKEA's





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