First Observation Flight

Hi All, 

TF1 F100/100  JAF 6003 BRU 0515 0810 AGP J  JAF 6004 AGP 0850 1140 BRU J 

I’m just back from my first observation flight. It was with Jetair on the Fokker 100, destination Malaga and it was the last day that that Bird was operative. That’s actually the reason why I choose the Fokker flight and not the NG flight. Time enough for me to see the NG but now I still can say that I made a trip with the F100.

At 04.30 I was waiting in the crew room for my Capt. and FO. I received the flight plan and looked at it as if it was Chinees. 30 min later the Capt. came in and he asked of I understood what was on those papers. I answered ‘no’ and he said “Don’t worry, I fly now for more then 30 years and I don’t understand it either”, he blinked too me and he started to explain what was on those papers. It’s actually not that hard but all those abbreviations makes it difficult to understand. We checked together the weather and fuel and the other stuff that has to be done before flight. The FO came and also the steward and the stewardess. Funny group all together.

Take off at 06.15 and we landed around 08.50, 20 min earlier then expected (tailwind ;-) ) It was a nice trip and they explained a lot. Breakfast was njammie and also the meal at noon. In Malaga I did the walk-around together with the FO, and I was very pleased that he took the time to explain me everything he had to check.  

The flight back was funny too, the only thing was that we went from nice weather back to cloudy Belgium. Well yeah, at least I saw the Spanish sun for 30 min. Or is that the same sun as ours?

I’m very happy with the trip, and it’s also a good motivation-boost. I can’t wait to plan a next observation flight! Below some pic’s of the trip… 

Cya all next week… 

PS: I know that I didn’t wrote something about week 11 and 12, but nothing very interessting happened.
PPS: Only that the Maltese guys went back to MaltaThursday eve, so Friday it was for once very silent in the class and meteo was finished 40 min earlier because there where no “Maltese-questions”.
PPPS: No hard feelings guys, I still love u all ;-)

PPPPS: No Byron I’m very sorry I didn’t cry Friday, but if it makes u feel better, I sure missed you all :p

Fokker 100 







Yep, even in Spain they have IKEA's





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Mooie foto's Elke :P op naar de volgende vlucht :D

Gepost door: Sam | 09-03-08

Seg, Beek wnr ga jij? :-p

Gepost door: 3lke | 09-03-08

Ergens in 2008 of 2009 :D (hoop ik) :D

Gepost door: Sam | 09-03-08

From 7 to 8 of march I had a very short night!!:D

Gepost door: Hilde (mom of 3lke@SFA) | 10-03-08

tsss...who's nagging...u didn't had to come with me :-o

Gepost door: 3lke | 11-03-08

inzake de pics very nice photos 3lke,
wordt de F100 vervangen?

Grtz Joris

Gepost door: Joris | 12-03-08

Vervangen dat weet ik niet, maar het was wel zijn laatste vluchtje bij jetair...

Gepost door: 3lke | 13-03-08

Het eten was 'delish', eh.
Veel mensen zeggen dat vliegtuigvoedsel echt slecht, maar ik vind het juist lekker! Alle ja, van wat ik mij kan herinneren...
Ik vraag me toch wel af hoe dat komt.

Gepost door: Abigaile | 16-03-08

Oeps woordje vergeten!
is* :P

Gepost door: Abigaile | 16-03-08

Hangt er een beetje vanaf hoor...Ik heb ook eens gehad dat ik mijn potje eten heb laten staan, maar meestal vind ik het ook njammie :-)

Gepost door: 3lke | 16-03-08

Ik vind het meestal toch ook nog cava, buiten die keer dat we zogezegd 'nieuwjaars diner' kregen in't vliegtuig...dat was echt niet te eten :s

Gepost door: Floes | 17-03-08

yeah, njammie :-s

Gepost door: 3lke | 18-03-08

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