Week 10

The hell week continued…We had 3 progress checks in one week, our first course of piston engines and our first course of airframes and systems. So, it was again very bussy... Our course of pistons is given by a nice lady, Ruth D’hondt, so for once I wasn’t the only girl in the class.

Luckely this week will be more relaxed…today, monday, I have no course, and for the rest this week will be a lot of meteo, psycho, pistons, and radio nav., all courses I like, and only one progress check à meteo.

I already said that I got compagny from 2 lovely other girls...and here's a picture of the three "groud-school-girls" together...

From the left 2 right: Mathilde, Gwendoline, and me


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I already heard about bird and pole strikes but not about giraffe strikes...


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Week 9

Hi Guys,

The last week was such a hell!! I even can't give a definition anymore of the word 'sleep' because I don't know what it means. Everybody was so damn tired...The last two days my eyes didn't stopped tearing from the fatigue...Yesterday I went to bed at 20.00 and I swear I think I was already sleeping before touching my pillow. Well, anyway...4-5 hours sleep a night is not enough, but yeah what do you do about it? It's only for a couple of months and study has a higher priority level then some hours sleep...

For the rest nothing new to say, unless that we finished the course of physio and that I still love SFA, I still love the courses, I still love my prom and I still love the free hot choco (that's the mean reason I choose for SFA!!!Knipoog)

I hope your week was better then mine and c y'll next week...




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Week 8

I know, normally i do an update of my blog every weekend...and i would have done it also this weekend if a day would have count more then 24 hours...but yeah...We all have problems...

Anyway, u probably want to know what happened the last 168 hours?

Well, I had my first course of turbines and the new promotion started. Promotion 8 counts 16 people, with again 6 guys from Malta. If they will send every 2 months 6 persons, Malta will be empty by the end of the year...
Prom 8 also counts two girls...so i'm not the only girl at the groundschool anymore. The two new girls are awesome and we get along very well :-)

For the rest the sandwiches disappared only once, there were no more pole-strikes (there's still a 10.000€ price on the head of the last pole), and 'shit' is still a common word for our instructors...

Cya next time...


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