Week 10

The hell week continued…We had 3 progress checks in one week, our first course of piston engines and our first course of airframes and systems. So, it was again very bussy... Our course of pistons is given by a nice lady, Ruth D’hondt, so for once I wasn’t the only girl in the class.

Luckely this week will be more relaxed…today, monday, I have no course, and for the rest this week will be a lot of meteo, psycho, pistons, and radio nav., all courses I like, and only one progress check à meteo.

I already said that I got compagny from 2 lovely other girls...and here's a picture of the three "groud-school-girls" together...

From the left 2 right: Mathilde, Gwendoline, and me


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Hey, who's that lovely girl on the right? :p

Gepost door: Jerry | 27-02-08

me moatjeuh :-D

Gepost door: 3lke | 28-02-08

I think the middle one is the smartest ...

Gepost door: hans | 01-03-08

héé!!!! one of the girls is looking like me!! *shocking*

Gepost door: Floes | 07-03-08

Maybe it's bc u are my twin...it's just a suggestion :p

Gepost door: 3lke | 07-03-08


Gepost door: Floes | 08-03-08


Gepost door: Floes | 08-03-08

Zo, gaan we dubbelposten ja? :)

Gepost door: Jerry | 08-03-08

Dubbelpost is not done.

Gepost door: Jerry | 08-03-08

Triplepost daarentegen... :p

Gepost door: Jerry | 08-03-08

moatje en zussemus mijnen blog ni vol spammen é :-p

Gepost door: 3lke | 08-03-08

als we da wel doen? ga je ons dan buiten vliegen? wahaha :p

Gepost door: Floes | 12-03-08

jij kleine snert :-p

Gepost door: 3lke | 13-03-08

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