Week 9

Hi Guys,

The last week was such a hell!! I even can't give a definition anymore of the word 'sleep' because I don't know what it means. Everybody was so damn tired...The last two days my eyes didn't stopped tearing from the fatigue...Yesterday I went to bed at 20.00 and I swear I think I was already sleeping before touching my pillow. Well, anyway...4-5 hours sleep a night is not enough, but yeah what do you do about it? It's only for a couple of months and study has a higher priority level then some hours sleep...

For the rest nothing new to say, unless that we finished the course of physio and that I still love SFA, I still love the courses, I still love my prom and I still love the free hot choco (that's the mean reason I choose for SFA!!!Knipoog)

I hope your week was better then mine and c y'll next week...




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3lke: "C y'll next week...Cya next time...See ya all next time..."

Jer: Since Newyear, I haven't seen you yet... :( :( :(

Gepost door: Jerry | 23-02-08

I know maatje :( i miss ya too...:'(

Gepost door: 3lke | 24-02-08

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