Week 6 and 7

Hi All,

No pole-strikes, no hidden sandwiches, and no crashes happened the last two weeks. Only...funny socks...

Question: What happens when you have to stand up wayyyyy to early and you don't turn the light one???? Any guess??

pascal socks


The only two 'exciting' things that happended during the last 14 days:

* We were again introduced to a new course, and this time it was 'flight planning'.

*The official introduction of the B737 NG. Me and a couple of other prom students were asked to help a bit at the reception or at the gate, and one of my prom buddies took the opportunity to shoot a couple pictures...
Too bad but we couldn't go inside at the moment but our time we'll come :-)

 See ya all next time,






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die sokken zijn echt rock 'n roll :)

Gepost door: Yannick | 25-01-08

yep, de sokken zijn zo cool :-p

Gepost door: 3lke | 25-01-08

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