Week 5

Hi people,

 The only highlights of last week were our first course of BFC (Basic Flying course) and the first course of performance.

Our first BFC session was given by Xavier Jensen, and the keyword of that day was "CENTRE POINT"!!! We only worked with the yoke, throttle, trim and pedals and for the instruments with the ADI and the RPM indicator. Level flight, climb, descent, bank, etc...

Our instructor for Performance is Tom Poelman. Damn that guy is funny! Jokes and jokes + good teaching skills... That's the way to fly :-)

For the rest, nothing very exciting happened. Exept maybe that the second pole is also gone...
2 poles gone, 1 to go ... Who will hit the last one? Who will win the 1.000.000€???
"The Three Gate Poles"...to be continued!!!

For not SFA-people: Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a gate...an entry gate. And next to that gate there were three poles. One day one of the Three Poles was hit by a Maltese guy of my prom. The two other poles stayed lonely behind. A couple of weeks later the people of that land far, far away saw that there was only one pole left. Till today nobody knows what is happend to the second pole. Some people say he missed the first pole so much that he took off. Others say that he has to search the fields for ever, tilll he find his pole-mate back. And the last pole is doomed to stay there whole its life, alone, without company and without his dudes....Till somebody hit him.

The End

C u all next week...


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What a poor pole... Why don't they give him some company? Two 'lady' poles will do the job. :p

Gepost door: Jerry | 18-01-08

hihi :-p well we are a bit short with 'females' at SFA :-p

Gepost door: 3lke | 19-01-08

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