Hi All,

The last week was a very short week. We had only course on Thursday and Friday. Friday was a very interesting day, we had our first briefing of BFC, Basic Flying Course.
First there was the 'normal' introduction briefing, where Jean De Clercq explained all the 'Goals':

* Develop professional attitude
* Understand basic tasks and apply
* Teaching/learning process
* Link between theory and practice
* PPH (Personal Pilot Handbook)

After a short break we had the Technical briefing and a short introduction what we will have to do in our first session.

The sessions are in groups and there are 4 groups of 4 people. I'm in group 1


See ya all next week



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MMMMh! Nice memories :D You'll enjoy it.
Apparently they improved the cockpit layout compared to what i had. Nice and interresting course.


Gepost door: Karl | 07-01-08

Playing games ... lol :p

Gepost door: Jerry | 07-01-08

games? :o GAMES??? :@

jerry voorzichtig é of de roze-konijnen-pantoffel-met-lange--oortjes komt jouw kant uitgevlogen ;-)

miss ya mate

Gepost door: 3lke | 07-01-08

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