Merry X-mas and a happy New year


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Week 4

G'day everybody,

The keyword of the 4th week was 'Instrumentation'. We talked a lot about gyroscopes, gimbals and precession. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Precession


The gyro's are used for the following instruments: DGI (directional gyro indicator), AH ( artificial horizon), turn and slip indiactor, and the turn co-ordinator)


We also had some Gen. Nav., POF and friday noon, we were introduced to another new course: Psycho. We started the course with the beautiful sentence: "Destiny is not a matter of chance, but a matter of choice." 
And for once, it was very quiet at the third floor and in the classroom, because the Maltese guys left Thursday for the x-mass holidays.

Did u know that:

* 'Gimbal' isn't a sport
* 'Gimbal lock' isn't a kind of strange dance
* There is no 'I' in 'We, Crew and Teamwork'
* That you can order sandwiches
* That 'search-the-sandwiches' is a daily game at SFA
* Everybody hates that game
* A 'Tumbling' is not a tropical animal
* I still love that I'm the only girl
* My prom rulez

 C u all next time...



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Week 3

G’day (Student) Pilots, aviation lovers, and pedestrians,…


Again, we were introduced to a couple of new courses this week. POF (Principles of Flight) and meteo.


After the first course of POF, given by Piet v/d Velde, I was glad that I did aerodynamics as my end thesis, in high school. So, I was already familiar with some new terms, formula and of course the law of Bernoulli.

We learned to fill in the ‘load sheet’ of an Archer III and to calculate all the necessary stuff, like the centre of gravity, etc.  



Today we saw ‘how the use the Pooley’s CRP-5’. That thing looks so professional.


Did u know: 

           The coffee/hot choco is free at SFA
Everybody would panic if that coffee machine would be shut down of would be broken.

            That every single teacher uses the word ‘sh*t’

          That Stijn Andries broke his own record…

           He said the word ‘cava’ 73 times in 2h30

           The DC part of electrics is finished

           We all are very glad with that!!!!!

           We all can explain perfectly all the electrics in a ship.

           We don’t like the guy/girl who invented the ‘courses during the weekend’

           I hate my alarm at 0500 Saturday even more then the one at Monday.

           I’m becoming a pilot, so I better get used to such early hours.

           I just love to be the only girl

           The eyes of our ‘Prom 1 teachers’ start to twinkle every time they mention their time at Arizona.

      My prom rulez!



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For the Selection-candidates who still have to do their physic test and to make it easier for me…


FAQ for the physic test:


1. How can I prepare myself for this test?

- Buy/hire the book: “theory and problems of college physics


2. Do we have to know everything of that book?

            - NO, don’t be silly.


The following numbers are the chapters and the numbers of the exercises we did in the ‘physic-week’ in July.

 Chapter 2: 2-9-14-15-17-20
             3: 9-10-15-16-22-23-28
             4: 1-3-7
             5: 2-3-4-7
             6: 2-4-8-16-20-21
             9: 1-2-3-6-7
           12: 1-2-4-9-10
           13: 1-3-7-8-12-19
           14: 3-8-12
           16: 1-4
           26: 4-5-6
           27: 2-24
           28: 2-9

NORMALLY, if you don’t have any problems at all, to solve those questions, you’re ready to make the test.

(Note: don’t think that the test will be easy because the 3 example questions of the information brochure are simple!)


3. How many questions do we get on the test?
            - Depends of you have the A or the B test.
A) 30 questions and u have to solve 20 of them, and they all have to be correct.
B) You receive 20 questions and you have to solve them all.


(Tip: do not make to many mistakes ;-) )


4) Do we have to know the formulas and the constants by hart?

            - Yes! You do NOT receive a paper with the formulas and the constants on it.

(Tip: you will receive scribble paper; write the formulas and the constants down!)


5) Are we allowed to use a calculator?

            - Yes, you can use your ‘pocket-Japanese’, so don’t forget to bring it with you!

So, I hope this will help a couple of you...

Good luck guys/girls,



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Week 2

G’day Pilots and Student-Pilots,

and also Pedestrians, and other strange walking people…


Week 2 went fast, very fast, and I’m very sorry I can’t write more on my blog. I really don’t have the time.

This week I had 3 new courses:


*Radio Nav.

I don’t find POH and Airlaw the most interesting courses, but Stijn Andries (Airlaw) really tries to make it as interesting as possible. Lots of stories and examples…

My first course of radio nav. was really nice. Ruddy Kiekens, explains everything very well, also with occasionally a story between two chapters.


The 6th of December , ‘Sinterklaas’ came to visit the Academy and he gave us all chocolate & candy. “Zwarte Piet” wrote rules on the blackboard and one of them was “treat the only girl as if she's a Queen!” After that, the boys were even nicer then before.

I’m so damn lucky with my prom. Smile
Thanks Piet…


C u all next time…


Keep on flying = keep on smiling

 Lady Pilot

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Eerste vrouw die wereld rondvloog overleden

De Duitse luchtvaartpionierster Elly Beinhorn is op 100-jarige leeftijd overleden. Beinhorn was de eerste vrouw die in het begin van de jaren 30 in een vliegtuig rond de wereld vloog.

De expeditie begon op 4 december 1931. Vanop Berlijn-Staaken vertrok ze via Turkije richting India. Op 26 juli 1932 landde ze opnieuw in Berlijn. Voordien had ze reeds solovluchten naar Afrika op haar palmares gebracht.

Beinhorn overleed woensdag in een bejaardentehuis in Ottobrunn bij München. (dpa/mvl)



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Week 1

G’day Ladies & Gents, 

I just finished my first week at SFA. I would have written earlier but 24 hours in a day aren’t enough. Like I said before….Time has a bad attitude. It’s full throttle from the first day, and we don’t have much time to do something else then study. 

These are the courses from my first week: 

*basic radio
*mass and balance

This is how my day looks like: I wake up at 05.30 AM, go to SFA at 06.00 AM (because of the traffic-jams), arrive at 06.30 AM, study + chat till 08.20 AM, have courses till 12.10 followed by a break of 50 min., and then course again till 16.50 PM. Going back home, eat, study, sleep… 

The class is very nice, and also the teachers…and at the moment I just love to be the only girl :-) But I think that I will be very happy when Mathilde and Gwendoline will arrive in February. (Prom 8) 

I’ll keep u lot posted… 

C u all next week 


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