Week 3

G’day (Student) Pilots, aviation lovers, and pedestrians,…


Again, we were introduced to a couple of new courses this week. POF (Principles of Flight) and meteo.


After the first course of POF, given by Piet v/d Velde, I was glad that I did aerodynamics as my end thesis, in high school. So, I was already familiar with some new terms, formula and of course the law of Bernoulli.

We learned to fill in the ‘load sheet’ of an Archer III and to calculate all the necessary stuff, like the centre of gravity, etc.  



Today we saw ‘how the use the Pooley’s CRP-5’. That thing looks so professional.


Did u know: 

           The coffee/hot choco is free at SFA
Everybody would panic if that coffee machine would be shut down of would be broken.

            That every single teacher uses the word ‘sh*t’

          That Stijn Andries broke his own record…

           He said the word ‘cava’ 73 times in 2h30

           The DC part of electrics is finished

           We all are very glad with that!!!!!

           We all can explain perfectly all the electrics in a ship.

           We don’t like the guy/girl who invented the ‘courses during the weekend’

           I hate my alarm at 0500 Saturday even more then the one at Monday.

           I’m becoming a pilot, so I better get used to such early hours.

           I just love to be the only girl

           The eyes of our ‘Prom 1 teachers’ start to twinkle every time they mention their time at Arizona.

      My prom rulez!



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Looks like somebody is having the time of her life!

Mate aka Jerry

Gepost door: Jerry | 17-12-07

you think :-D ?????????

miss ya mate!!!!!!!!

Gepost door: 3lke | 17-12-07

Prachtige blog!!!
Ik ga deze onmiddellijk in mijn blog bij de favotieten plaatsen.
Langs deze weg wens ik dan ook U en Uw familie een vrolijk kerstfeest en een voorspoedig 2008 (Vliegjaar)

Gepost door: FlyingDaniel | 23-12-07

Ik heb je ook gelinkt...


Gepost door: 3lke | 23-12-07

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