Week 2

G’day Pilots and Student-Pilots,

and also Pedestrians, and other strange walking people…


Week 2 went fast, very fast, and I’m very sorry I can’t write more on my blog. I really don’t have the time.

This week I had 3 new courses:


*Radio Nav.

I don’t find POH and Airlaw the most interesting courses, but Stijn Andries (Airlaw) really tries to make it as interesting as possible. Lots of stories and examples…

My first course of radio nav. was really nice. Ruddy Kiekens, explains everything very well, also with occasionally a story between two chapters.


The 6th of December , ‘Sinterklaas’ came to visit the Academy and he gave us all chocolate & candy. “Zwarte Piet” wrote rules on the blackboard and one of them was “treat the only girl as if she's a Queen!” After that, the boys were even nicer then before.

I’m so damn lucky with my prom. Smile
Thanks Piet…


C u all next time…


Keep on flying = keep on smiling

 Lady Pilot

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POH, wat voor beest is dat?

Zo te zien voelt Lady Pilot zich al helemaal thuis daar als Queen van Prom 7 :)

Gepost door: Jerry | 08-12-07

Poh Teacher?
that guy is a legend xD
He looks like a rugby player, has a barbie voice, and "dont give a shit" about avros and other chickens...

You: "Sorry sir, do we need to know the conversion from UGAL to IMPGAL?"
Him: "i dont give a shit!"

Him: "so, if you are in a climb, you should read 1000 fpm, Heuu that's not true, the avro doesnt climb!, next!"

Gepost door: I | 08-12-07

@ I :

yeah, he's...euhm...what's the right word??well...actually,I don't give a sh*t :p

Gimmy 30 push-ups!!!

Gepost door: 3lke | 08-12-07

I don't give a shit!!

Gepost door: U | 08-12-07

30 push-ups? better train driver than doing that:O wanna fight? :O


Gepost door: Oliebol | 08-12-07

Greets to Ruddy from JC and Bjorn. (Emirates airlines)

Gepost door: JC | 11-12-07

Okey JC & Bjorn...komt in orde :-)

Gepost door: 3lke | 11-12-07

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