Welcome briefing



The first thing I had to do in the morning, together with Jan, another Flight Student of my promotion, was to collect my BIAC badge at the ‘airport security badges service’. We also had to watch a 30 min. movie about the security at the airport. The movie explains what u can and can’t do, and how it all works.


After some words from our ‘President & CEO’, Jacques Waldeyer, we had the welcome briefing, which was given by our CGI (Chief Ground Instructor), Catherine Bernier. We received an overview of our theoretical and flight training, our courses and instructors, and last but not least, the rules and rights. The briefing was followed by a quick tour in the school, and we received our material . (tip for the following proms for the first day: come by car!)  


* 15 very tiny books :-p

* student pilot manual

*CRP 5 Computer

* Ruler

* Protactor

* Plotter

*3 water-soluble pens

* CD-rom 'JAA ATPL Exam Preparation

* Uniform


I even received a Flight-CAT...


So, how does my class look like?

6 from Malta
1 from Spain
1 from Greece
3 from Wallonië, Belgium
5 from the Flanders, Belgium

15 boys 1 girl...
I think I will enjoy it Lachend

Monday 'the big start', wish me luck...



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Only one week to go...Cool

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Space shuttle


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