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Phase I

Theoretical instruction at the SFA training center at Brussels airport.
ATPL theoretical examination (Belgian CAA)

The subjects of the courses in order to prepare the students for the final ATPL theoretical examination organized by the Belgian Civil Aviation Authorities, are as follows:

  • Air law and regulations
  • Human Performance and limitations
  • Basic principles of flight
  • Aircraft general knowledge
  • Meteorology and Climatology
  • General VFR-IFR navigation and Radio navigation
  • Communication
  • Operational procedures
  • Aircraft performance, weight and balance, flight planning

Phase II - part 1

Practical training in our training center at Falcon Field, Arizona
Skill test for CPL-license

Phase II - part 2

Practical training in Antwerp, Belgium
Skill test for ME-IR license

Phase III

Airline Career Preparation Program (ACPP) at the SFA training center at Brussels airport


The total duration of our integrated ATPL training is approximately 77 weeks

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Basics Ik vraag me af of er nog iemand het volgende dacht bij 'Basic principles of flight' ipv de wetenschap errond: Not falling out of the sky? :P

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lol koentje :p

Gepost door: 3lke | 05-08-07

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