Selection procedure

Physics test: 

Based on the knowledge required at the end of secondary school

Contains 20 questions who have to be solved correctly within 1h30min.

Psychometric test

A psychometric test of 2 hours will be performed in English

The test consists of six tests which have been developed to check some of the key aptitude areas for the pilot profession

No flying experience is required to perform well in the tests

  • Control: A compensation task looking at basic hand/foot/eye co-ordination
  • Slalom: A tracking task looking at hand/eye co-ordination
  • Mathematics: A test of basic applied mathematical understanding and speed
  • Memory: Accuracy of short-term memory recall and ability to 'chunk' information
  • Task Manager: A test of the candidate's ability to scan the screen and manage concurrent tasks accurately and quickly
  • Orientation: Instrument interpretation, comprehension and spatial orientation

Psychological test

The goal of this test is to make sure the candidate has the required profile to be a future airline captain

It consists of a personality test and a team work evaluation

An English test - written and spoken

As all courses are given in English and as all aviation communications are performed in English a good passive and active knowledge is required

Scan Skill test:

This a special test performed in a full flight simulator that will assess the learning curve of the candidate. Prior flying experience is not required

Final interview
het grote moment waar je na een gesprekje met de toelatingscommissie een ‘je bent er helaas niet door’ of een ‘je bent geslaagd’ krijgt. Er viel een kleine 10.000 ton van mijn schouders af toen ik dat laatste te horen kreeg. De september klas zit jammer genoeg vol dus ben ik in de volgende klas, die in november begint, geplaatst. Ik ben helaas tot nu toe het enige meisje van de klas, maar hé, ik sta men mannetje wel

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Proficiat! Ja je staat je mannetje wel. Je maakt mij in ieder geval altijd bang :( ;) :P

Gepost door: Koen | 04-08-07

helaba :p

Gepost door: 3lke | 05-08-07

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